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    Hey all, been a Droid developer for a few years now and decided to see what it's like over iHere, so I picked up a 3GS and now I'm trying to write code for it (I NEED a damn T9 keyboard I'm going nuts) and I'm finding lots of documentation for writing standard SDK apps, but writing jailbreak apps is surely different, I've been all over Google searches and I'm looking for a resource on what tools and API's are available.

    At the moment I'm interested in keyboard modding, but if any jailbreak devs could show me what resources they use for coding that aren't in the standard sdk it would be dandy.

    Of course I would find something after I post asking for it, but the iPhone Dev Wiki has some really great information, I feel like I finally have a place to start.
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    2011-07-22 01:52 AM
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    there really isn't a ton of documentation on it that I have been able to find. Your best bet is to join the #theos or #iphonedev channels on irc.saurik.net. People there are pretty helpful, as long as you don't pester with too many questions. It was a great place for me when I started
    2011-08-09 04:57 AM