1. v1nsai's Avatar
    I'm coming over from Android and trying to get comfortable in iOS, and the main thing that has been unattainable so far is a good keyboard replacement. T9 makes one handed typing so easy, and hunting through 9 keys is so much quicker than 30 plus on qwerty, it just makes sense to me.

    So I'm a fairly experienced amateur programmer with c, java and scripting with bash but I have zero experience with objective c and iPhone.

    Is anyone else interested in seeing this or know anything about writing a keyboard replacement? Im really finding it difficult to find a place to begin, im currently reading up on iPhone and objc in general but using the regular sdk is definitely not going to have all I need for this.

    It'd be nice to have someone to research with and bounce questions and ideas around with.
    2011-07-27 08:13 AM