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    Hello, I've developed an iPhone app what I am currently distributing via my own repo on cydia and i've been told by my only two pre iOS 4.2.1+ testers that the app doesn't appear on the springboard although its in the /Applications folder like on every other device...

    They have also rebooted/reinstalled and still report the problem as well.

    One is on iOS 4.2.1 on a 2G iPod Touch and the other was on iOS 4.1 with a 3G iPod Touch but both of them don't know what they used to jailbreak their devices...

    I've confirmed that is is working on firmware versions > 4.2.1 however there are some issues what I mentioned above with lower versions...

    Does anyone know what can be causing this? I built the app in Xcode 4.1 with target firmware of 4.0+ with iOS 4.3 SDK so it /should/ work but I can't test it myself as apple won't let me downgrade (and i don't have any SHSH blobs)

    If you wan't to test the app, you can find it on this source:
    and you can find my post about at the bottom of this post.

    If anyone can help me it would be great!



    App Information:

    ImgHost Version 1.0 Beta 1(.1)

    What is ImgHost?
    ImgHost is a cross-platform service what enables you to share images from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to friends/colleagues on your desktop computer.

    How does ImgHost work?
    ImgHost works by uploading your selected image to a image hosting provider, The link to the image is then sent back to the device and pushed out to a selected listen server on the local network, the listen server consists of the ImgHost Listen client running on a Windows PC or Macintosh.
    You can see the "Proof Of Concept" Video .

    How can I use ImgHost?
    ImgHost has just gone into Public Beta so if you have A Jailbroken iPhone/iPod/iPad (ImgHost Beta will be distributed via Cydia) and either an Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.5/6/7 or A PC running Windows XP/Vista/7 (With .Net framework 4.0 & Bonjour) then keep on reading for the downloads!

    Download ImgHost 1.0b1
    You can download all of the required files to run ImgHost below... The iPhone application is available on Cydia on the following Repo: cydia.img-host.co.uk.

    Listener Clients: Windows - Macintosh
    Windows Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0 - Bonjour for Windows

    ImgHost Current Bugs:
    {iPhone App} "Custom Host" is not available for 1.0b1
    {iPhone App} You can't resend image URL's
    {iPhone App} iPod Touch 2G - 4.2.1 < - App not appearing on springboard?
    {Windows Listener} Sometimes an instance of the listener is left running in background.

    ImgHost Compatibility
    Below is a list of firmwares that I have had confirmation on:
    red = issues
    green = working
    black = untested

    Untested Firmwares:
    iOS 4.0
    iOS 4.0.1
    iOS 4.0.2
    iOS 4.1
    iOS 4.2
    iOS 4.2.1
    iOS 4.2.5
    iOS 4.2.6
    iOS 4.2.7
    iOS 4.2.8
    iOS 4.2.9
    iOS 4.2.10
    iOS 4.3
    iOS 4.3.1
    iOS 4.3.2
    iOS 4.3.3


    Thanks for looking! Your feedback is welcomed
    2011-07-30 04:26 PM
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    I cant get the icon to show on the SB either and im on 4.3.1 ill try to debug and see the issue
    2011-07-31 06:00 PM
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    I cant get the icon to show on the SB either and im on 4.3.1 ill try to debug and see the issue
    Thanks for the heads up... i'll try to look into it too
    2011-07-31 06:21 PM