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    Hi I recently install rsyncd to backup my iphone went arrive to home .

    Sorry for my English I am not a native speaker.

    It is very easy make a full copy of you iphone using you backup software that use rsync.. (and forget use ssh is like a hell)..

    First install openssh and rsync via cydia (must be at last developer).

    Connect you iphone to wifi and enter via ssh.

    You can use this guide to configure rsync as daemon of launchd

    MAX POWER INDUSTRIES How To: Install the rsync daemon on Mac OS X

    You must configure the rsyncd daemon using a config file I put the may in example (the data are changed)

    123Iphone:/etc root# cat rsyncd.conf
    path = /private/var
    hosts allow =
    #host allow allow only THIS host to connect
    uid = root
    gid = wheel
    read only = true
    # read only = If we need restore some, you can change this.
    comment = Volumen privado Iphone
    secrets file = /etc/rsyncd/secrets
    auth users = ediaz
    123Iphone:/etc root# ls -al rsyncd.conf
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 207 Feb 6 23:47 rsyncd.conf
    123Iphone:/etc root#

    123Iphone:/etc root# ls -al /etc/rsyncd/secrets
    -r-------- 1 root wheel 22 Feb 6 23:27 /etc/rsyncd/secrets
    123Iphone:/etc root# cat /etc/rsyncd/secrets

    Ok now use the guide to create the files (you can use nano or vim) install via cydia.

    I like to ask if I make a backup of /private/var we have all data that I need to restore???? or need backup other directory?

    Ok what is the magic of this.. lauchd daemon lisent i rsync port for a rync (you must has the correct ip and use authentication for make a rsync). in the time rsynd daemon don't use any memory , this are enough secure for me...

    How is the speed?? y make a 2G backup via wifi in 20 min.. but the incremental are super fast.. less a minute.

    How much cpu use? I don't know I see 20% in a iphone 4s running.. (only making the sync)

    If you have any dude, please ask..

    how to test??? use any software rsync capable in the web :-) to make you copy every day or week or year...
    2012-02-07 01:02 AM