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    While tweaking my iPod Touch 4G 4.2.1 to compile C (which worked finally, after > 1y including large breaks) I copy & replaced /var/lib contents with /usr/Lib's.
    When opening Cydia to install Idid, All my packets were gone, whilst sources still working. Update doesn't work because of errors in said folders. I created all the files that were missing (as far as I could get from the errors) but I can't get it to work. Maybe someone could post his directories zipped, but I don't know if it works, if his packets differ from mine.

    Looking forward to help,
    2012-05-05 12:03 PM
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    List the files you need. These are libraries and given the nature of iOS can be unpredictable depending on the user if you just install their entire sets of libraries.
    My brain has an error at line 300: In function brainInitialize: the function "sarcasm" may not respond to "init".

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    2012-05-07 07:19 PM