1. khassen's Avatar
    Well i havnt been on this site since 2008 (almost forgot about it) till i got my iPhone 4s recently. Back when i had my iTouch 1gen i used this site a little and also the app Rock which i liked better than cydia. Not sure if its updated to work on 5.1.1 or not but when i try to open it ends up crashing with in a sec or two.
    Any idea if its just broken for my firmware or if it doesnt work anymore?
    2012-06-28 04:05 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    Rock was bought by cydia. It no longer exists.
    2012-06-28 04:07 AM
  3. khassen's Avatar
    ok Thank you very much for a quick reply.
    2012-06-28 04:13 AM