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    I am not asking for help with piracy..this is for an app i've built using my own content. I've read just about every tutorial out there and watched just about every video on how to code sign for hosting on cydia (I publish via modmyi) I've put out 3 versions of this app already and each time the result is crashing on start up. I've revised my code over and over and it works on my device without incident. The only thing i've had issues with is the code signing aspect so others can use my app without it crashing..i've read that code signing is usually the reason why an app crashes on start up and my logs don't indicate any issues with the app itself. I've tried the deactivate code signing in sdksettings it didn't work, i've tried the publish to device, ssh, chmod to 777 and use terminal to ldid I got an error doing that..I tied the fake certificate version but the certificate does not show up in the drop downs next to codesign..i'm at a loss..it took me less than an hour to build my app but it's taken me 5 months to be able to offer a working version for others to enjoy so to say that I am beyond frustrated is a huge understatement. I test my app on a jailbroken ipad on 5.1.1 have installed ldid and respring..I hope someone here who has successfully published a working app via modmyi's repo can instruct me because I honestly have run out of options.

    My app in the cydia repo is called Cinema Haven for anyone who wants to test it on their device.
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    2012-09-11 11:01 PM
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    Update: Ok I tried ldid in mac os x terminal and in mobile terminal end up with these errors

    For mobile terminal I get
    ./minimal/mapping.h54: assert(13:false)

    for mac os x terminal i get
    util/ldid.cpp(567):_assert(78:arch !=Null)
    2012-09-12 05:59 PM
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