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    Hello everyone.

    Not doing any jailbreaking here.. just creating a new app that will go on apple's app store.

    We recently just did some major work adding features and doing alot of optimization on an iPhone app (that works in the same way as grindr or blendr for example) with both the iOS side and server side. Our now ex-developer fixed bugs, loading time issues, and added new features. We we're doing all of our testing on testflight and eventually we created a new build that eventually worked smoothly with minimal issues on testflight with a small group of users. We were confident that the new launch would go smoothly, the test server files were moved to the live server and then the new app build was ready for sale.

    After launch was basically a disaster. Users began experiencing many problems. The most common issues are the app being slow, unresponsive and crashing alot.

    We have brainstormed a couple of causes..
    - users that are using the old app build is conflicting with those using the new app build.
    - the server has problems (although bandwidth appears to be fine)
    - majority of users are in Australia (cloud server is rackspace based in US? slow ping time?)

    Note: There was an influx in the number of users that signed up, but I'm not sure if this had an affect on the app itself.

    Will pay however much I can to get this fixed..

    any ideas on what the problem could be?
    2012-10-30 02:03 AM