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    Hey Guys !!! How Are Y'all Well I've Been Trying To Make My Own Cydia Tweak Or App On Windows But I've Failed All The Time I Don't Know About The Coding's / Programming Languages But I Do Have The Information What Is That ? Why Is That ?

    So My Question Is To You All Is How To Sign A Cydia Package If I've Created One (e.g Ringtones,Theme & App) And How T0 Make A Powerfull Control File Here Is Mine's Control File Structure Please Guys Let Meh Know iF Any One Could Help Meh Though I'll Be Very Greatfull To Him/Her.

    Here Is Mine's Control File Structure..............!!!

    Package: com.inanites.ldiscussions
    Name: lDiscussions
    Version: G0ne.1
    Architecture: iphoneos-arm
    Description: It Is The Begining Let's Just Say That Apps Are Just For TimePass And It's The Begining Well I'm Working 0n It T0 Make It Better.Stay With iNanites For More.
    Maintainer: Muhammad Sufian Sarfraz
    Depends: preferenceloader (>=1.1)
    Priority: extra
    Author: Muhammad Sufian Sarfraz
    Sponsor: iPhone Hacked <>
    Section: AconomyTweaks
    Icon: file://Applications/
    Tap: purpose::extension
    Conflicts: (optional)
    Replaces: (optional)
    Pre-Depends: preferenceloader

    Thank You Guys If You'd Help Meh So . . . . . . . !!!
    2012-11-24 05:06 PM
  2. iGamers's Avatar
    Did you look up how to create a control file?
    2013-02-01 12:02 AM
  3. Spydar007's Avatar
    If you send me the files, I can package it up for you.
    2014-03-19 05:21 PM