1. Mozzy's Avatar
    I started to learn how to write apps in xcode about a year and half ago but 6 months ago i didnt have time to continue ( i formed a band to raise money for children in need! ) ....
    but, within that 6 months ive obviously been updating my mac when its asked me to and so updated my Xcode..
    today i went back to writing apps but with Xcode being the latest, its updated my SDK to 6.0 but my phone is 5.1.1
    as i dont want to lose the jailbreak .
    is there a way of running my 5.1.1 apps on my phone or installing the 5.1.1 SDK on the latest Xcode.?
    ( yes, ive a dev cert. and i know about the 5.1.1 simulators!
    Cheers in advance!
    2013-01-01 08:44 PM