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    If you are wondering how to create a photo slideshow on iPad/iPhone with your photos, this post can help you.

    Photo Slideshow Director is an iOS slideshow app which enables you to turn your photos into a stunning slideshow with music and transitions. Then you can watch the slideshow on HDTV via airplay, or upload it to Facebook and Youtube for sharing.

    Learn More: Photo slideshow software for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows

    App Store download link :

    Key Features:

    1. Make photo slideshow on iPad easily

    With taps and drags on iPad, you can turn your photo collections and music into live and dynamic slideshow with ease. With slideshow themes, you just need to add photos and music then your slideshow is ready for showing. You can also add text narration, adjust transition effects to customize slideshow.

    2. Export slideshow to HD movie

    With a simple tap, you can encode the slideshow to HD video so you can transfer to PC, upload to YouTube, Facebook,Dropbox,SkyDrive for sharing. The video encoding is very fast with almost 1x speed. You can watch the slideshow movie on TV via AppleTV AirPlay.

    3. Make music video for your favorite songs easily

    With the music sync function, you can create a slideshow music video for your favorite song easily. Just add song and photos, the App will sync music and pictures automatically.

    4. Support Instagram, Picasa, Facebook and Flickr web album and Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive

    You can import Instagram Photos, Picasa albums,Facebook Photos , Flickr albums, photos stored on Dropbox, SkyDrive to this app and play your photo slideshow directly or transform them to slideshow movies as easy as 1,2,3.

    5. HD full screen slideshow presentation
    Photo Slideshow Director is designed to show the best quality of your photos, all photos are processed with highest quality settings and played with best result. the output slideshow video is HD 720p, with the new iPad, iPad 4,iPad mini, 1080p HD video output is fully supported.

    6. Wireless transfer
    After exporting the slideshow to video, you can easily wireless transfer it to your desktop PC or play directly on other iPad, iPhone or mobile devices.

    7. Ready for TV output with Apple TV, Apple Digital AV Adaptor or Apple VGA Adaptor
    Photo Slideshow Director is ready for showing on ever bigger HDTV screen. The output image resolution is 1920x1080. Your photos will looks great with highest quality on big TV screen when you mirror your iPad to Apple TV with AirPlay or connect your iPad with Apple Digital AV Adaptor and HDMI cable or with a Apple VGA Adaptor.

    8. Support RAW image format and big size images imported with Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

    9. To make a photo slideshow, this app is faster than iMovie. With the encoded video, you can import to iMovie for further editing.

    10. Mirror slideshow to HDTV directly via AppleTV AirPlay (with iOS 5.0 and iPad2, the new iPad,iPad 4,iPad Mini)

    11. Powerful yet easy to use photo editor

    Photo Slideshow Director HD has a powerful photo editor. With just a few taps, you can crop, rotate and flip the photo in slideshow , adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast, apply beautiful stylistic effects to photos , remove red eyes, add text or drawing on photos. All these photo editing functions will make your slideshow amazing.

    12. Instagram Photos Supported.
    You can import your own Instagram photos, likes and following photos easily to make a wonderful Instagram slideshow.
    2013-01-16 09:03 AM
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    Photo Slideshow Director HD is a photo video maker. With it , you can easily turn your photos into a stunning slideshow video with music, transitions, pan&zoom effects, text and subtitles and more effects. And it supports uploading a video to YouTube directly.

    Step1. Create a video for YouTube on iPad

    First, you need to use Photo Slideshow Director HD to create a YouTube video with pictures. The iPad slideshow video maker enables you to apply kinds of slideshow effects to create an attractive slideshow video.

    The slideshow video software is very easy to use. Import your pictures from iPad Photo Library and web albums(including Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and SkyDrive), add video background music, sync slideshow time to music time, then you can output a video.

    Also you can use its Photo Editor to fix and optimize your pictures, customize pan&zoom effects for every picture, choose a theme and customize it(such as a wedding theme for a wedding slideshow video), add text and subtitles on photos, and etc.

    With all its powerful slideshow video feature, you can surely make a wonderful YouTube videos with your photos.
    Slideshow Software for iPad/iPhone-add-background-music.png

    Step2. Upload a video to YouTube from iPad

    After adding all kinds of slideshow video effects, you can upload the slideshow to Facebook for sharing with friends. To upload a video to YouTube, we assume you have had a YouTube account.

    Touch “Export” icon, you can see a list, showing available output options, choose “Youtube” from “Share Movie to” list. Then enter your YouTube log-in information to sign in, enter title and description for the video, choose a video resolution.

    Finally, touch “Publish”, the app begins to encode the video and upload the video to YouTube.
    Post video to Youtube
    Slideshow Software for iPad/iPhone-upload-video-youtube.jpg
    2013-01-24 07:25 AM
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    Good news:

    Photo Slideshow Director HD 5.0 has been released, 5.0 supports iPhone and iPod touch too. So now you can use the slideshow maker to view and share your photos in an interesting way.
    2013-03-20 02:24 AM
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    When I first downloaded from here my photo slideshow creator, I was indeed happy and impressed because this app doesn't just create a great photo, but it blends together with music, a fancy designs to create professional complete with amazing transition effects. I didn't regret my decision to download this app because it helped me motivated to go through my journey as an amateur photographer.
    2013-06-25 10:55 AM