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    This is copied from another website I was looking for a team on. It has my plan on it but read: it will not include Pedro since he doesn't want to reply so while we can use his baseline coding as a starting point but would change it to make it our own cause I am not in the business of stealing full programs, but ideas are just that and can be used and improved upon. I will fund start up money, but I think that if we can release these two apps we would have much to bring to the JB world. Anyways:

    Originally it was for a team to help the 16 year old genius that is working on updating quasar. I wanted a team to help speed that up since I assume he is in school and has limited time, then wanted the team to move on to create multiapp for the iPhone 5 and then work on seeing if the 4&4S could handle it. I have the cash to front a startup and also a contract going over profit shares. The profit would actually be more for the dev's than myself. I know both those apps would be huge. I would have a dev that not only helped but his sole job would be security for the app, finding holes and such so that it could not be cracked as easily and hopefully eventually at all. Example is mywi. I don't think it has fully been cracked since 4.0

    When we shift to multiapp that dev would remain on security holes while lending help as he could to put out multiapp.

    I also have a business plan which includes many releases, weekly if possible, not only to keep people trying to crack it busy but to release small but necessary updates so that people would not stick to just the first cracked version. So it would be updates that brought wanted features. For example, quasar would be scale back the ios6 version to the bare minimum of allowing multiple windows opens and running at the same time. Then with updates we could release features like rescaling the size of windows, and an update lowering ram usage, the already present feature to be able to flip the window vertical or horizontal. You get the point.

    Our goal would be to make it as hard to crack and stay up to date should it get cracked to make our buyers feel good about getting the best experience they could witht people trying to crack it so that people could steal our hard work and make those that paid feel cheated.

    Anyways I want to front and contract up to three developers, including Pedro if we could get a hold of him. Any dev's that are interested but want more info can pm me OR better yet email me at

    Finneymc at g m a i l .dot. Co m

    I would need examples of your work and would show that I have the funds to back a project like this. So when you email me please include a link or app that shows off your work on the iOS platform.

    An app allowing an iPad to act as a hybrid tablet/laptop and an iPhone to run split screen would be huge, I just need the few talented developers to make it happen. We can even have beta testers to rise excitement and have people itching to get there hands on these apps. Nothing like playing a game like clash of clans and surfing the web staying signed in while waiting for troops to finish!
    2013-02-19 04:32 PM
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    Really? No one?
    2013-02-20 03:20 AM