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  1. jony_blue's Avatar
    HelloSpy is a powerful mobile phone application that gives you almost complete control over your child's iphone. It enables you:

    To locate your child instantaneously
    To protect your child from cyber predators
    To prevent bullying
    To provide Parental Supervision
    To encourage responsible mobile usage

    TruSpy works simply. You can just install it on the phone and access or keep track of its data usage on an online account that you created for it.
    Supported Phones:
    iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod, iPad >>free

    Installation guide: HelloSPY Cell Phone Spy Software – Monitor SMS, Call Info and GPS Locations on iPhone, Android
    2013-04-17 05:36 AM
  2. Alex4921's Avatar
    I know this is most likely an advert,but I'd personally just like to speak out against this sort of monitoring...even children,and adolescents have human rights and monitoring all of their communication is in my opinion so so wrong.
    I have personally had my life almost ruined by people who use things like this....without going into details it resulted in great loss for me,and extreme depression.

    Be a human being,have a heart and for gods sake don't spy on people just because you can.
    2013-04-26 10:35 AM
  3. cappermoon's Avatar
    I am using software innovaspy. it is an excellent software to monitor children. I am using on my son's phone. It's so great
    technology is an interesting
    2013-04-27 11:51 AM