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    I honestly have no idea where to put this,I only even chose modmyi because I already had an account here but there's a tweak I'd like to see implemented somehow,should be fairly simple and it is as follows:
    A cydia toggle which allows you to switch between proxy servers(Like Proxy Switchy on a PC),with a binary option of two proxies(One direct connection,one proxy?) and if possible then use more proxies.
    Configurable via settins,just put in the proxy details.

    So what do you guys think?,move this if it's in the incorrect section

    Create a simple sbsettings toggle which changes the system proxy settings between two different settings,for example direct connection and tor(Installed on a computer in the network) or a school proxy and a bypass proxy.

    Also I'm sorry for poor spelling if there,I'm on an iPad and the autocorrect mangles words I don't want it to touch and doesn't fix words I do.
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    2013-04-25 10:53 AM
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    Your idea is really good and go for it.
    2013-11-21 12:14 PM