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    I was wondering if there is a way to develop a script, or an app, that would install a custom set of apps, and tweaks, without having to manually download each one and install them separately.

    I have installed several apps and tweaks on my iPad, that have given me a unique user interface and experience. Let's say I want to deploy this interface and experience onto other iPads in my company Is there a 1 click (or extremely simple) solution to achieve this?

    Some of the apps are downloaded from the Apple App Store, some are downloaded from Cydia, and some of the tweaks are applied as adjustments to settings not requiring jailbreak. Some of the apps from Cydia are paid apps, so I was wondering if there is an enterprise or volume licensing option for Cydia apps? In the near future, I'd like to deploy this onto at least 5 iDevices.

    If you need an example of what I'm talking about here's an example of an Unattended Install for Windows: MSFN's Unattended Windows : Unattended Windows Introduction
    2013-05-09 07:15 AM
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    Hi, I wouldn't say there was an easy way, it's always time consuming. However using the same PC with iTunes will enable you to easily sync the App Store apps on each iPad. (Presuming they all have the same Apple ID / iTunes login)
    Then for the Cydia stuff, you can use PkgBackup to create a backup of your tweaks, settings, contacts, screen layout and App Store app save data which can be restored onto your other iPads (again login to Cydia with the same account on each iPad after jail breaking)

    There is an Apple tool called iPhone Configuration Utility which businesses use to setup multiple iDevices for working with their systems, but I have no experience of it.

    Apple - Support - iPad - Enterprise
    2013-05-10 10:09 AM