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  1. Saved0ne's Avatar
    Here are a few things I've found and thought about in iOS 7:

    Needs Fixes/Improvements on:
    - iMessages not scrolling to show the delivered receipt.
    - scrolling while someone is typing is a no go.
    - battery fixes (like always, but not bad)
    - minor speed and UI sticks/chugging
    - speed increase
    - Siri doesn't have her, now his (haha) new voices.
    - all apps now need to be redesigned.
    - personally I don't believe all the icons go together anymore like they used to.
    - iMessages needs to hide the search box.
    - iMessages need to keep formatting of a copies text. (From notes, etc.)
    - seems pointless to have a FaceTime app.
    - can no longer search the web through spotlight.
    - cant tweet or Facebook through NC anymore.
    - NC banners need to be way smaller.
    - NC could show notifications on the Today Section.


    Nice Bonuses:
    Spotlight is under the time bar
    Add timer on Lockscreen.
    Flickr & Vimeo are now built in.
    Font size changes are nice.
    - There are 2 places to increase text size, as well as legibility and background contrast.
    Reduce background motion through Accessibility.
    Editing text is much faster.
    Newsstand can be hidden.
    Siri toggles
    Search Wikipedia.


    - Will there be any way to build our own dynamic backgrounds?

    Btw, does anyone know if the Share button will be brought back to the NC in iOS7?
    2013-06-12 12:12 PM
  2. Brentbeeler's Avatar
    Just how buggy is it? is it tolerable to use on a 4S until the public release?
    2013-06-12 03:37 PM
  3. Saved0ne's Avatar
    Oh yeah I believe so.
    2013-06-13 02:59 AM
  4. Brentbeeler's Avatar
    Can you use back up from iOS 6 For your content? Such as music, contacts etc.? Or do you have to use it as a brand-new phone and start all over?
    2013-06-28 09:03 PM
  5. John_723's Avatar
    I also believe so.
    2014-01-17 07:18 AM