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    Hello Genius,

    So I ran into this strange problem and wondering if anyone here was able to find a solution.

    I installed iBlacklist 1-2 days ago, and for my stupidity I forgot to turn off the "Delete Recent Calls" in Calls Settings and "Delete Message" in Message Settings under iBlacklist. I received few calls and text message but they were removed from default Call Log and SMS to iBlacklist history. iPhone is running iOS 7.0.2, jailed, able to access root.

    I was able to retrieve the sms.db, call_history.db, iblacklist.sqlitedb files.
    I opened the sms.db in Notepad++ and was able to find the text I lost from Default SMS. However, the file is sqlite database, so I opened the file in SQL Editor, I tried to search for these but couldnt find anything, same for call history.

    I really wants to restore my default call log and default sms for the few that I lost during this two days.
    Please note, I do not want to restore or recover to the computer as some programs/software says to recover these and store it on your computer.
    For Information, I did take a iTunes backup 2-3 days ago, but that will be no worth as I need todays and yesterday calls log and default sms.

    Anyone to help on this?
    2014-01-15 04:56 AM
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    no answer? no help? no one knows a solution?
    2014-02-11 06:22 PM