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    I want to create an app that I have no plan on releasing. There is no app or service existing that does exactly what I want. It's just simple math, but it's a formula that not many people really need, so it doesn't exist.

    I used to own a mac and learned enough xcode to do what I'm wanting, but I'm just wondering what the best method would be to create a simple app to only run on my phone? Should I just get mac OSX running in VMware or is there a better option? I think I heard of something called mac cloud. Also I'm on an AMD machine

    Also since it's just simple math, I've considered creating a website instead and just accessing it from my phone, but then I'd have to pay for a domain name. I currently own VMware so I'm just looking to do this for as cheap as possible since I wont make a cent off of it.
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    2014-03-11 01:52 AM
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    This really look like an awesome stuff to me. It's really innovative and can be a new thing. You should go ahead and make it visible to other app freaks.
    2014-03-20 11:20 AM
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    Hey mate, I read your post & you seems talented enough as you are planning to create a personal app which can be used by many of us. Keep going mate. Best luck for the same.
    2016-01-02 12:36 PM
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    How to Set Your Default Apps in Windows 10?
    2016-05-26 07:58 AM
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    Can people with an earlier version of Office open documents I created using Office 365 or Office 2016?
    2016-05-27 07:57 AM