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    hey, first time asking a question here.

    i will sumarise here: play audio file in the iFile app, lock device, and sooner or later, it will crash. not crash springboard and force a safe mode resping, but ifile will randomly close, out of app swithcer and everything. either its a practical joke, im stupid, or others ahve had the smae issue. more detailed version of the summary below

    i just bought an ipod 5 64gb, that shipped with ios 8.0.2 i jailbroke it with pangu, installed ifile and (sauriks new) AFC 2 i would never use the stock music app, as i heavily dislike itunes, and i like to use my ipod as a mini computer with subfolders, as i listen to music, comedy albums, interviews, etc.

    unfortunately, every once in a while (usually after locking the device), within about 5 minutes ifile would just close (as in i would have started an audio file, pressed the sleep button and if i were to unlock the device it should open up to the same ifile audio, but it exits to the home screen; ifile crashes and closes) without a respring, so it wouldnt crash substrate it just, exits ifile as if i pressed "done" in the ifile audio and clicked the home button.

    now i know this wasnt technical at all, i've been jailbreaking since ios 5.0.1 and would buy and use cydia packages but never leanred much of the technical stuff. i never had to until now. i have emailed Carsten about the issue, but he is yet to reply. if anyone has experienced simialr things and has worked out a solution, i will be ahppy to listen. oh and i know the issue is ifiel, as i earlier installed filza file manager and have been using that and had no problem, no issue with the ifile-like crash. but as filza is only a trial, and i am already used to the iFile layout and how to use it properly, i prefer that.

    i will also note i have the latest version of ifile, i have uptaded my ipod to ios 8.1, rejailbroke with the latest pangu, and tried to see if there was an issue, which there still is. have also tried a variet of earphones, and no improvement to the issue.

    thanks, josh
    2014-11-29 03:12 AM