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  1. smirkis's Avatar
    yah a save option before closing would be cool. even if we can't save the hand, atleast let us save our money lol

    game seems solid so far, fun to play once u get the hang of the controls. haven't had any crashing issues yet, awesome job
    1.1.1>1.1.2>1.1.4>2.0>2.1>2.2>3.1>3.1.2 blackra1n'd

    waitin on my white iphone 4
    2008-06-13 07:48 PM
  2. coachballfirm's Avatar
    I think that the only people not having that much trouble are 1.1.2 users.....anything above your ******...
    2008-06-13 09:13 PM
  3. iPhoneMadness's Avatar
    Ok so I desided to give this app another go because I need some poker in my mobile life.

    Uh yea no, same problem as before.

    It doesn't even install. Just crashes before finishing. Then no other app on installer would install either. Had to SSH into my phone and delete the, well as much as it had downloaded of it. That fixed installer problem...again.

    "Thanks" button. Learn it. Use it. Love it.
    2008-06-14 02:14 AM
  4. mizuhri's Avatar
    I play this game alot. 99% of the time it freezes after a couple of hands but once in awhile I can play until there is 1 person left. It has only let me play through twice. Once this gets fixed I will play this game non-stop.
    2008-06-16 07:21 PM
  5. JAG2621's Avatar
    I have firmware 1.1.4 and when i play (after maybe 10 to 20 hands) it crashes back to springboard. Also when using some apps and games it would crash back to springboard. I have uninstalled THTouch and have not had a problem after uninstalling. Love the game just still has glitches. This seems to have happend after last update.
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!
    2008-06-16 11:36 PM
  6. jwheeler73's Avatar
    Absolutely love the app! When it is finished it will be my go-to game. 0.30b seems to have solved "All-In" crashes and lock-ups but the game occasionally hangs after I swipe the screen to deal again after a few hands have been played. Other than that (and lack of side bets) you've got a great game here.
    2008-06-17 06:15 PM
  7. wsx's Avatar
    I translate it in Italian.
    There is any possiblility to insert this language in nex release?

    "DONATE_LINK" = "";
    "WINNER_ANNOUNCEMENT" = "%@ vince %d chips!";
    "POT_TOTAL" = "Puntata";
    "POT_ROUND" = "Mano";
    "FINISHING_PLACE" = "posto";
    "WELCOME_MESSAGE" = "Benvenuto in";
    "TAP_TO_BEGIN" = "Premi per iniziare...";
    "UNNAMED_PLAYER" = "Giocatore";
    "TWO"	= "Due";
    "THREE"	= "Tre";
    "FOUR"	= "Quattro";
    "FIVE"	= "Cinque";
    "SIX"	= "Sei";
    "SEVEN"	= "Sette";
    "EIGHT"	= "Otto";
    "NINE"	= "Nove";
    "TEN"	= "Dieci";
    "JACK"	= "Fante";
    "QUEEN"	= "Regina";
    "KING"	= "Re";
    "ACE"	= "Asso";
    "TWOS"	= "Due";
    "THREES"	= "Tre";
    "FOURS"	= "Quattro";
    "FIVES"	= "Cinque";
    "SIXES"	= "Sei";
    "SEVENS"	= "Sette";
    "EIGHTS"	= "Otto";
    "NINES"	= "Nove";
    "TENS"	= "Dieci";
    "JACKS"	= "Fanti";
    "QUEENS"	= "Regine";
    "KINGS"	= "Re";
    "ACES"	= "Assi";
    "PAIR"			= "Coppia di";
    "THREE_OF_A_KIND"	= "Tris";
    "FOUR_OF_A_KIND"	= "Poker";
    "TWO_PAIRS"		= "Doppia coppia";
    "FLUSH"			= "Colore";
    "STRAIGHT"		= "Scala";
    "STRAIGHT_FLUSH"	= "Scala di colore";
    "ROYAL_FLUSH"		= "Scala reale";
    "HIGH_CARD"		= "Carta pi alta";
    "FULL_HOUSE"		= "Full House";
    "FULL_OF"		= "Full di"; // i.e. Full House, Aces Full Of Tens
    2008-06-17 06:15 PM
  8. alex_cutter's Avatar
    The game craps out after a few hands.

    But at least the "donate" button works.
    2008-06-20 10:42 PM
  9. STC's Avatar
    I just downloaded the latest ver 3.0j or something like that. This is an awesome app so far. I cant wait for the finished version.

    One suggestion I have is I wish there was an instructions screen. The swipes are self explainatory w/ the "?" in the corner, but it took me 15 mins to figure out how to check was to double tap the screen.
    2008-06-24 06:18 PM
  10. GR81's Avatar
    ...but it took me 15 mins to figure out how to check was to double tap the screen.
    dont you double tap the table when playing poker with ya mates?
    thats how i worked it out straight away.
    2008-06-25 12:11 AM
  11. Xavier853's Avatar
    This game used to crash all the time, and then the .32j update appeared in installer and then it worked flawlessly!

    But then a new update came in installer. it said .32a. I was curious and updated. Now the game is very difficult to work. The finger strokes for call and bet just for example are much more unresponsive and harder to do. It takes me several (sometimes up to 10 strokes) just to call compared to the one finger stroke it took with .32j.

    My question is what happened? The game finally worked and now it doesnt. Is there any way that I can get .32j back?

    I am using an iPod tocuh but i dont think it would matter.
    2008-07-04 02:27 AM
  12. coachballfirm's Avatar
    anyone got older version??? It is way better.
    2008-07-04 02:44 AM
  13. pavelegorkin's Avatar
    2010-06-21 11:55 AM
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