1. glennfields31's Avatar
    this app is a good one but I have issues with the mobile terminal and my iPhone has not acted right since I downloaded this. considering this is a site where everyone is sharing files, it's technically not illegal
    2010-05-26 09:52 AM
  2. raf2996's Avatar
    How do you download dtunes
    2010-05-31 06:34 PM
  3. Djtrong06's Avatar
    How do I get the dTunes icon on my home screen of my iPhone ?
    2010-08-18 11:55 AM
  4. murl's Avatar
    Is there a way to merge the itunes and dtunes libraries together?
    2010-08-26 06:50 PM
  5. Blake79's Avatar
    How do I download dtunes? Please help
    2010-09-27 03:26 AM
  6. Cougars4597's Avatar
    2010-10-31 05:36 AM
  7. Alex9753's Avatar
    Awesome but how can I hear music & download
    2010-11-13 01:20 PM
  8. mamirza's Avatar
    Hi there

    Recently announced iTunes v_10.1, is it safe to use on jailbroken iOS 4?
    2010-11-15 02:08 PM
  9. Bklynplayboy110's Avatar
    How do I download dtunes on my iPhone 3
    2010-12-10 11:23 PM
  10. bballchick13's Avatar
    How do you download dTunes??
    2011-01-12 12:09 AM
  11. Dianeta's Avatar
    2011-03-22 12:46 AM
  12. harrycourt's Avatar
    Many thanks to ur post. I love it.

    iphone case
    2011-04-05 05:11 AM
  13. Eirreann's Avatar
    I wish you could sync it with the Music (iPod) app...
    You know, whatever doesn't kill you.... hurts.
    2011-04-11 04:10 PM
  14. Lewisloon's Avatar
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    2011-04-11 04:23 PM
  15. Jannet510's Avatar
    How do you use this app?
    2011-04-12 03:09 AM
  16. Samashu's Avatar
    How do u download dtunes on iphone 4
    2011-04-12 10:35 PM
  17. z3r01's Avatar
    i dont think it works for iphone 4
    2011-04-12 10:47 PM
  18. Eirreann's Avatar
    I don't think that it is iPhone 4 that is the problem, probably your firmware... you guys probably have the 4.3 OS firmware, right? Well a lot of Cydia programs aren't compatible with that yet.
    You know, whatever doesn't kill you.... hurts.
    2011-04-13 03:00 PM
  19. Kewlk1d's Avatar
    Is it illegal in the US?
    2011-04-14 04:42 AM
  20. Eirreann's Avatar
    I don't see WHY it would be illegal.... I mean, most people just borrow the CD they want from the library and rip the stuff onto their iPhones anyway...
    You know, whatever doesn't kill you.... hurts.
    2011-04-14 01:20 PM
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