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    Just released via the MMi Cydia source iLocalis the ultimate in iPhone tracking, remote control, and more.
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    What's that image above? That is from my account on the iLocalis website and it is where my iPhone was located 22 mins ago. With iLocalis you can set how often you want your iPhone 3g to send its current location to the iLocalis server and your iPhone will be tracked.

    What can this be used for?
    • Never lose you iPhone. If it is missing just log onto the iLocalis site and you'll know where it was located last. These things are expensive and losing them sucks. Problem solved.
    • Retrieve a stolen iPhone. If your iPhone is stolen you can log into the site and check out where it's at. Extra features built into iLocalis allow you to send text messages or make calls on your iPhone when you don't even have it with you. If you iPhone is stolen log in and send yourself a text message. If the thief changed the sim card you'll have their phone number!
    • Allow your family and friends to know where you are. iLocalis will send a message to your friends when you are near by. You can also set it up to allow your friends to locate you. If your friend also has iLocalis you can send messages to each other for free. No txt messaging charges.

    • Need family or someone else to know where you are? You can share a map of your location data with whomever you choose with a temporary URL that will expire when you set it to expire.
    • iLocalis can also be used for a business that needs location services for their employees. Employees carrying iPhones with iLocalis can be tracked via the web site easily.

    This app really works! Although there are a few bugs with cookies expiring and having to log back into the app occasionally on the iPhone it appears to send your location the the iLocalis web servers the whole time. I turned it on and went for a little drive and the app did a great job tracking where I went. I also tested the send text message feature. I sent a text message via my phone from the iLocalis website and it worked just like it is supposed to.

    Need your iPhone's location to be tracked? Want to increase your chances of recovery if your iPhone is stolen? iLocalis is for you so grab it from Cydia already! Once installed on the iPhone just hop on over to the iLocalis site and you can see what's going on! Unfortunately at some point (10 days) the free trial will end and you'll have to donate to keep the features going. The good news is that at a minimum donation price of $2.50 for an entire year subscription it's really not unreasonable at all.
    2008-10-27 05:29 AM
  2. Xenthor's Avatar
    $2.50 minimum donation to keep my $600 dollar investment, full of contacts, pictures, and valuable information safe?

    Count me in!! Thanks for the link, I'm definitely checking this out. I noticed another service similar to this, but saw that it charged more, and I think it was monthly or something, but this sounds great on the other hand!
    2008-10-27 05:35 AM
  3. Alperovich's Avatar
    that's pretty neat! i'm going to go ahead and try this out...
    2008-10-27 05:36 AM
  4. Iman07's Avatar
    so wait, this cant be used for the 2G iPhones. obviously no GPS but cant it use the triangulating and wifi aspect to give you a rough estimate on where the phone might be?
    2008-10-27 05:37 AM
  5. Carrbone's Avatar
    Someone using this wanna post up how much battery this thing is draining cause im sure its going to be a crazy amount.

    if your phone is stolen and the sim card taken out, I still dont see how this app is going to help-

    plus im curious to how safe and easy it is for anyone to 'gain access' to their servers. Just imagine what could be done with the location of thousands of iphones at their finger tips.
    2008-10-27 05:38 AM
  6. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    Someone using this wanna post up how much battery this thing is draining cause im sure its going to be a crazy amount.
    You choose how often you want it to update. The longer the interval the less battery used.
    2008-10-27 05:41 AM
  7. Sparblaze's Avatar
    Trial bleh. It works unlike that other app that was 3G only, so I like it
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    2008-10-27 05:45 AM
  8. Atokadd's Avatar
    This is such a greap application.
    Too bad it doesnt work on iPhone 2ndGen.
    Im out, lol
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    2008-10-27 06:12 AM
  9. dualcorex's Avatar
    i dont seem to see it on cydia. is it already up and is it called ilocalis?

    edit: got it. needed to refresh doi
    2008-10-27 06:53 AM
  10. staplerz's Avatar
    Amazing app. This should be worth $50
    Now we can get jumped by the thieves that stole our phone. [:
    Last edited by staplerz; 2008-10-27 at 08:47 AM. Reason: i had a error that i fix by restarting my phone. so i edited it current
    2008-10-27 08:31 AM
  11. threezero's Avatar
    if you guys have iblacklist running DONNOT INSTALL THIS!!!!

    i just did and my phone is stuck in sleep mode. One the one time i manage to get it to unlock every will freeze up and the phone will restart after half and hour.

    i just use disk aid and deleted the ilocalis.app from application folder... fingers crosee that it will work now does ilocalis put any other process on the phone? Please tell me so i can completely delete it off the phone
    2008-10-27 08:55 AM
  12. Jasper44's Avatar
    if your phone is stolen and the sim card taken out, I still dont see how this app is going to help-
    Because it's not tracking the sim card, it's tracking the phone. And if you had read the article you would have read that if they do switch out the sim then you can send a text from your phone to another phone you have, thus giving you the thief's phone number.
    2008-10-27 10:27 AM
  13. ddfilms's Avatar
    PS I tried it and it does work with the 2G iPhone as well.
    2008-10-27 11:04 AM
  14. Nefarious's Avatar
    pretty neat app
    2008-10-27 04:39 PM
  15. ohaider's Avatar
    This looks really nice, and I don't mind the price at all, however I'm having a hell of a time just making an account and trying to login for the first time as the site is full of SQL errors (too much traffic it seems).
    2008-10-27 04:40 PM
  16. mike1114's Avatar
    Its also buggy when you try to sign up the first time.

    Because of the SQL errors, I know do not know which login and PW it accepted, so now it will not let me log in.

    neat app though, reminds me of twitter/mologogo.......and boost mobile ("where u at")
    2008-10-27 05:25 PM
  17. taylorireton's Avatar
    dude I live down the street from you, i live near DIA, saw it on your last post via ilocalis
    2008-10-27 08:36 PM
  18. taylortap's Avatar
    I just installed this and I had iBlacklist already installed. I had no conflicts with the 2 applications co-existing just so you guys know.

    I have not been able to get any map to load on the website or really get the software to prove it's doing what it's supposed to do. If I can, then I'll happily donate the $2.50 to this programmers hard work!!

    Hey Dev, get on a more robust server!!! This could be really cool software.
    2008-10-27 08:56 PM
  19. MrNoSox's Avatar
    so what happens if the thief restores your iphone?
    2008-10-27 09:40 PM
  20. danramos's Avatar
    so what happens if the thief restores your iphone?
    ..or what happens if the thief uninstalls iLocalis?
    2008-10-27 11:07 PM
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