1. ares07's Avatar
    2009-06-05 12:04 AM
  2. Neo-Tech's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up! Will it show mails now?

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech
    2009-06-05 09:20 PM
  3. coachballfirm's Avatar
    I installed the grip thru cydia. I have it working with mail and memory but the memory goes off like every 20 min and every time i go to apps or safari and say 10% memory,8%memory etc.... how do i stop this so it only tells me when its really important... i know about seting it up in settings but how do i set it up in settings. whats the settings set to work right....
    2009-06-09 02:16 AM
  4. Neo-Tech's Avatar
    It's called reading and trial and error, but I'm not sure if that would work.

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech
    2009-06-09 07:08 PM
  5. ares07's Avatar
    Good news guys, GriP dev, KennyTM, told me in his blog that this can happen - making Grip handle all push notifications messages!!! Hell yes!

    Besides that, we only need it to handle sms and calendar notifications (email already exists), and it will be a complete notifications system

    New version out (n)

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    2009-06-23 12:17 PM
  6. ares07's Avatar
    Install new revision from today from downloads! Adds push notification support!


    networkpx Project Blog: GriP 0.1-11n Released

    Here´s a test

    Yfrog - vle - Uploaded by antonioj

    Yfrog - vle - Uploaded by antonioj beejive + HeiWAY

    Yfrog - xus - Uploaded by antonioj Message Log - please make this accessible via sbs settings toggle or like an app on SB
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    2009-06-24 01:54 PM
  7. Neo-Tech's Avatar
    Saw an update on the RSS feed and I have it installed but not rebooted :P
    Can't wait for final

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech
    2009-06-24 09:05 PM
  8. ares07's Avatar
    YEs, it´s getting awesome
    2009-06-25 03:23 PM
  9. z3r01's Avatar
    Ok I feel like giving this a try , this is in cydia or do I have to add a repo
    2009-06-25 03:27 PM
  10. ares07's Avatar
    It´s on Cydia, in some source i don´t remember. But not authorized by the dev. The dev will release final version (soon) in BigBoss´s repo

    I install the beta´s deb files manually via SSH, always
    2009-06-25 03:29 PM
  11. z3r01's Avatar
    So just ssh the deb to what folder ( I haven't ssh in a minute) or can't I just use disk aide
    2009-06-25 03:33 PM
  12. ares07's Avatar
    1. Create an SSH session to your device and login as root. You can follow this page for instruction: OpenSSH · Cydia
    2. Upload the .deb file to /var/root/.
    3. Start a command prompt. In there, type cd ~ ; dpkg -i «filename.deb», where you have to replace «filename.deb» with the file name of the uploaded file (without the guillemets).
    * If it prompts Mobile Substrate is not installed, make sure you have installed it. You can install it with the command apt-get install mobilesubstrate.
    4. Respring your device. If you don't what is respring, simply type killall SpringBoard.
    2009-06-25 03:52 PM
  13. z3r01's Avatar
    Aaaa, too much work, can someone pm me the cydia source
    2009-06-25 03:57 PM
  14. lightmaster's Avatar
    I've updated GriP in my Cydia repo. The URL for my Cydia repo is http://cydia.ipitg.net. If anyone added my old Cydia source (http://home.comcast.net/~lightmaster.tech/Cydia), you will want to remove the old repo from Cydia and add my new one. I will not be updating the old repo and I will be erasing it in a day or so.
    2009-06-25 04:07 PM
  15. ares07's Avatar
    Rock on! Now with twitter push via IM+

    Yfrog - wgt - Uploaded by antonioj
    2009-06-26 11:23 AM
  16. Neo-Tech's Avatar
    What's MemTool? And wewt! :hap:

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech
    2009-06-26 08:24 PM
  17. cartman13's Avatar
    noone else is having an issue with increased battery drain?

    grip was the only thing i installed recently and all the sudden i didn't even make it halfway through the day. (almost half what i normally get)

    any ideas?
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    2009-06-27 07:32 AM
  18. Neo-Tech's Avatar
    Did you do a restore from backup when you upgraded to 3.0? Assuming you are on 3.0.
    And BeeJive with this is win.

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech
    2009-06-27 12:07 PM
  19. ares07's Avatar
    Doubt this has any effect on battery. What has effect is push itself, not Grip
    2009-06-27 06:52 PM
  20. number14's Avatar
    can anyone help i dont get any notifications when i get new emails?

    ive installed it correctly am i supposed to do something in the settings?
    2009-06-28 01:51 PM
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