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    I guess a few to many people liked this program because the site seems down! (Ich schätze, dass einige zu vielen Leuten dieses Programm mochten, weil der Aufstellungsort unten scheint!)

    Have tried in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Konqueror and nothing.

    Perhaps someone can email it to me? If you can please zip it for me before you do.

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    2009-05-02 07:57 AM
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    I don't think it's an issue with Vista. I am running XP SP3 and ran it as administrator on there and got the same error as I got in the beginning. I get 2 errors when opening it and it's not all in English either. The first error is “‘03.11.2006’ ist kein guliges Datum”. I hit okay to that and it opens. If I go to import and I can select a database and click copy files and it goes through and says finished but then the error pops up again. My contacts did show but I can not edit or do anything with them nor can I export them. I have not tried to SSH yet since I’m getting to many errors this way.
    “‘03.11.2006’ ist kein guliges Datum” means invalid date i think thats a separate issue, at least its seperate from the "ist kein gultiger integerwert"
    or "is not a valid integer" that i was getting that would not allow me to import.

    according to the website the Export feature is disabled until it is working properly, I think this program is very beta. and according to the website what u see is all there is at the moment. export certainly seems planned not sure about edit tho i hope so.

    google translate works good for understanding the errors http://translate.google.com/translat...n&sl=de&tl=en#

    website is working http://www.i-twin.de/en/download
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    2009-05-02 08:30 AM
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    So this is just a viewing program?
    2009-05-02 09:54 PM
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    i can't get it out of Dutch language. any help?
    2009-05-02 10:24 PM
  5. tosbsas's Avatar
    great job, but how do i get the contacts with company name to be shown too?

    2009-05-03 02:42 AM
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    I don;t think this will let you alter anything on the phone, just view it. Darn... was hoping to be one step closer to being iTunes free for adding media. I just hate iTunes
    winamp for media ftw

    Hi everybody ...
    I am the author of this little program. I just want to let you know, that i am aware of the integer-bug (ist kein gultiger integerwert) and i also know, that there is still a problem with unicode characters. So no chinese / japanese / korean etc. for the moment ... sorry, but i will do my best. But i need your help. 1st: Use my forum to state your problems and your ideas, because this thread is not the best place to collect all that and 2nd: In order to correct the integer-bug i need a faulty database (Calendar.sqlitedb) out of your data-folder because i can not simulate (and find) this bug without. I know, that it contains your private data, but maybe somebody doesn't care ... I promise, i will delete it after i found the bug. 3rd: I need a few more people who like to test a beta-version from time to time. Interested ? Register on my site. Thanks for your help and your feedback. And please, don't hesitate to ask in english.
    Cheers ... SittingDuck

    Anyway to make it so we can input info into the contacts, notes, ect..and upload it to the phone/touch?

    Anyone know of a program that can do that?
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    2009-05-03 08:50 AM
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    hands down on this
    1.1.4 Unlocked & Jailbroken <----THATS WHAT THE NOOBIE SAID
    2009-05-03 10:53 AM
  8. xkingryan's Avatar
    I wish you could send sms from this app. That would be cool so you could be on you computer and still send and receive them. I know that sounds lazy
    2009-05-04 01:14 AM
  9. SittingDuck's Avatar
    Hi everybody ...
    The next version is allmost ready. I need a few more betatester, just to make sure that there are no more bugs. So if you are interessted then please sign up on my website and let me know. As I said ... I can't do all the test-runs on my own. Thanks ... SittingDuck
    2009-05-05 11:50 AM
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    what i have to do to open and view applications from a previous backup, with this program. because its only opening the contacts pictures and other things but not the files, music,movies and games. my old iphone use to have.

    thxs in advance
    2009-05-07 04:07 AM
  11. SittingDuck's Avatar
    Hi everybody ...
    The new version 'iTwin V1.5 Final' is ready for download. If you had problems with the last version, I would be happy to hear if it is better now. Btw: I need more betatesters !!! Interessted ? Then sign up on my website. I'am no superman ! Thanks ... SittingDuck
    2009-05-07 11:49 PM
  12. SittingDuck's Avatar
    I wish you could send sms from this app. That would be cool so you could be on you computer and still send and receive them. I know that sounds lazy
    I will think about that ... might be possible ... (cause I am lazy too)
    2009-05-10 01:01 PM
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    iTwin V1.6 Final is ready. Despite a few bugfixes, the SMS and Notes - Export in HTML or plain texformat is the big 'Highlight' of this version. Possible situation: Some SMS have been (accidentally) deleted, but should be nevertheless displayed on your iPhone. In this case it is now possible with iTwin to do a HTML-Export using an older backup and then show them on your iPhone-Safari. iPhone-Apps like 'FilesLite' or 'FileAid' will then be useful for the Import. However: First Feedback shows an Error-Message, when you try to save outside the iTwin-folder, especially with the SMS-Export. Solution: Use the iTwin-Program-Folder for saving your Export-Files only. Have fun ...
    2009-05-26 12:59 AM
  14. mr.sparky's Avatar
    sounds very interesting
    Steroids are yummy
    2009-05-26 04:20 AM
  15. Jordo_6's Avatar
    Is there a way for itwin to copy sms from a old backup to a new backup or something?

    Because I have a new backup of my iphone, I want to do a fresh start of my iphone but still have my messages, only current way I have been able to do this is by restoring from backup which has the messages.

    So if I was to do a fresh copy of my iphone, then back it up, would I be able to somehow copy the backed up messages from my old backup to the new one?
    2009-06-01 04:14 PM
  16. JAG2621's Avatar
    Released to early!
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!
    2009-06-01 07:55 PM
  17. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
    Might have to check out the update.

    2009-06-01 09:02 PM
  18. SittingDuck's Avatar
    As far as I can see, Apple didn't change the database-format with OS 3.0 At least it's working for me ... (iPhone 1.Gen, iPod Touch 2.Gen) Feedback from Your side would be nice of course ...
    Ciao ... SittingDuck
    2009-06-18 05:28 PM
  19. SittingDuck's Avatar
    Hi folks ... iTwin 2.0 has just been released. Check it out and have fun !
    http://www.i-twin.de/ (Feedback is allways welcome.)

    Rgds ... SittingDuck
    2009-07-13 02:28 AM
  20. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
    Hi folks ... iTwin 2.0 has just been released. Check it out and have fun !
    http://www.i-twin.de/ (Feedback is allways welcome.)

    Rgds ... SittingDuck
    Right on. Might have to check it out.

    2009-07-13 02:48 AM
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