1. drtybrd61's Avatar
    has anyone experienced their signal cutting in & out more frequently on beta 5?
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    2009-05-21 04:11 AM
  2. paul.rhein's Avatar
    I got mine fixed I had to down load a program that enables me to assign my own APN
    2009-05-21 10:48 PM
  3. l130124's Avatar
    Have no ring tone at all on the phone,when you go to the settings and hit the ringtone i have noise but when the call the phone have no noise.have reloaded the the firmware and still nothing.any help would be appreciated thank you.
    2009-05-24 05:21 PM
  4. hotchicley's Avatar
    ..i just got this problem ...first was the 'could not activate cellular data netwroks...i did search,and follow the steps from google..i reset all settings..and it works..the 3g appear in above so i though its was ok..!! and yesterday..another problem..appear on my screen its' COULD NOT ACTIVATE CELLULAR DAT NETWORK,YOU ARE NOT SUBSCRIBE'.. im here philippines.. and using only prepaid not smart line..!! so im thingking whats this..how to fix this..and also i cant connect to internet using just prepaid load..but i can used wi'fi..!!! any one can help me???plz... im a first time iphone user,so i dont know some matter... i never thought that it was iphone is very difficult..!!!..!!!
    2011-01-21 09:30 AM
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