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  1. Nick Hesson's Avatar
    I forgot my SS
    H password as well. I changed it using rock. Anyway to recover my changed password? If its stored on rock there must be a way to recover?
    It's not stored on Rock by any means. Rock only prompted you to change it. It doesn't store your password.

    If you forgot your password your **** out of luck. You'll have to restore. sorry dude. its usually a good idea to use passwords you'll remember.
    2009-12-29 03:11 AM
  2. dawgbone's Avatar
    I noticed that this jailbreak installs OpenSsh.... And I've tried everything under the sun to connect.... With no luck....

    I got this message with Rock on my IPad and used a password that couldn't do much harm other than someone(rock) messing with my IPad.... bank accounts or app store...or anything for that matter...<--- praying that Apples built in encryption is good to go...

    However, I do not and cannot get this feature on my IP4.... And mobile terminal hadn't been updated in years, and crashes instantly on my IP4....

    Why I can't connect with OpenSSH and why Mobile Terminal crashes is beyond me....

    I do like this feature, as it's important to do, especially given the hack used to even jailbreak...

    funny...that a nasty exploit, could actually allow a jailbreak which can actually tighten Apples security....
    2010-08-05 04:52 AM
  3. area51crypto's Avatar
    Been using Rock for quite sometime and yes I had to restore the one time they messed up, but they apologize and I accepted!

    I have mentioned this in several post but seems some people want to do the ssh thing in mobile terminal! I have a Mac and PC but I started with PC so it is real hard to understand the OSX and seems to be locked down a lot more but I am trying to leard just hard for me!

    Rock has simplified this procedure for people with little or no experience with OSx!

    Also with Rock all the apps I bought through them took about 30 seconds to transfer to my new Iphone 4 where as I am still waiting for a response from the email that Big Boss told me that I would have to send to Saurik to resolve my apps I bought on my Cydia its been 3 days and nothing!

    I like Rock and will use it more now and also it is a h/// of a lot faster!
    2010-08-05 03:55 PM
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