1. orfeas's Avatar
    we need to make a controller for the iphone its got such good games but there so hard to play with the touch screen i wish there was something we could put it in and make it look like a psp so we could have buttons
    something like [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkB9vQDY3eU&feature=related]YouTube - iPhone GamePad - an iPhone gaming case[/ame] that? seems awsome. that + a n64 emulator or psx even... just great. iphone can finally match up with the new gaming console likes psp etc.
    2010-09-15 12:59 PM
  2. reverb2000's Avatar
    I am so excited about this. Zelda Ocarina of time on the iPhone... sounds like a dream come true.
    2010-09-16 02:34 AM
  3. southtone's Avatar
    This looks super cool
    2010-09-16 05:29 PM
  4. nova911's Avatar
    If you're not a dumbass and listen to propoganda without solid proof, you would see that this is clearly a video that's made to look like a game. Sure, on the menu, it LOOKED like he was booting a game, but he could alter it to make it look so. Anyway, even PC emulators don't have the power to load save states that quickly, let alone an 800MHz processor underclocked to 600MHz. And you can see that Mario moves about half a second before he sticks his thumb on the joypad so all this is is a crock of ******* ****. N-WORKS DEV or whoever the **** you are, **** OFF!!

    It's 2011 and I still only see trailers of your stupid ******* excuse for an emulator - the only thing I see close to the real thing is n64iphone by ZodTTD. Now that dude is a legend and don't you retards go ******* around taking THEIR fame.
    2011-03-07 12:22 AM
  5. DanTheManMS's Avatar
    ...Erm, wut? It's already been established that N64 emulation on the iPhone is a bit of a lost cause. ZodTTD did the best he could given the limitations of the system. Sure 3G4 is probably a hoax, but Zod does intend to improve n64iphone as far as I can tell based on his latest Twitter comments.
    2011-03-07 03:15 AM
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