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    I would like to design a special one.
    2010-09-05 06:34 AM
  2. cozymonk's Avatar
    I have AndroidLock XT 2.1.1 on an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1. Everything works as intended with LockInfo. The problem I have is that there's an obnoxious popup that appears when I wake my phone, saying that I must enable "show slider in LockInfo. NOW!" otherwise people will be able to unlock by sliding across the bottom. This is not true. When both extensions are enabled, the function to slide across the bottom in lockinfo is disabled. I like to use a gesture to hide lockinfo and reveal androidlock, but the popup makes it extremely obnoxious. Is there any way to disable it? Popup blocker doesn't support androidlock.

    I'd like to add that even if it was still possible to swipe across the bottom row to unlock the device, people may not know that and AndroidLock is telling everyone how to potentially unlock the phone. Smart . . .
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    2010-11-17 07:28 AM
  3. dfsethpatterson's Avatar
    figured u guys might appreciate this.

    MY android lockscreen is a picture of my wifes tits.

    The android lockscreen is set to take any random pattern.

    Its also set to full transparency.

    the result is that i now get to rub my wifes boobs to unlock my phone.

    2010-11-18 04:00 AM
  4. DutchX420's Avatar
    Has there been any progress in this? I really want to use it but I want it to come up after the "slide to unlock", just like the passcode.
    2010-12-21 02:22 AM
  5. DOUGIEDUDE's Avatar

    An Android phone features a unique lockscreen, where you have to connect various dots to unlock your phone rather than enter in a passcode or slide to unlock. There are 9 dots in total, and gives a little extra security just incase your friend happens to look over while you punch in your numbered code.

    Just released to Rock and Cydia, comes AndroidLock, available now for free. This iPhone and iPod tweak will transform your iPhone lockscreen into an Android styled lockscreen where you connect dots in the same manner to unlock your phone. Simply draw the pattern to unlock.

    On a side note, there were many discussions about the androids security flaws in their lockscreen method being hackable by a certain combination, however, my guess is there will be some sort of issue here, some way to get around it. We'll soon find out.
    how do i download itt
    2011-01-19 12:25 AM
  6. Azi's Avatar
    How come when I try to download it it says that you can't download it because you don't have the required recomendations
    2011-01-28 02:32 PM
  7. Dee.Owens's Avatar
    how do you make it work with the iphone4 because it isn't letting me download it and I'm using cyida
    2011-03-09 07:11 PM
  8. Martok's Avatar
    Just pay the money for AndroidLock XT, it works on iOS 4. I'm using it on my iPhone 4 and it works fine.
    2011-03-10 05:11 AM
  9. BuffaloHitman's Avatar
    How do I get it
    2011-03-20 03:11 AM
  10. TheCowboy14's Avatar
    Will this work on iPhone 3g firmware 4.0 or does it have to be on 3.2 ?
    2011-03-29 04:55 PM
  11. AyAhxuk's Avatar
    Plz tell me how can I download it
    2011-04-05 07:03 AM
  12. vatsal_21's Avatar
    guyzzz plzz help me out...m nt getting any link to download it.
    plzzz help me fuyzz
    2011-04-17 10:07 AM
  13. Willis528's Avatar
    Look it up in Cydia
    2011-04-18 05:09 AM
  14. Stray's Avatar
    Look for androidlockxt in.cydia
    2011-04-18 05:59 AM
  15. bigshot82's Avatar
    my exchange account requires iphone passcode lock (4-digit) which cannot be disabled. Is there a way to replace iphone lock with this android-style lock??
    2011-06-10 08:55 PM
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