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    i've had this for ages!
    2010-01-31 12:19 PM
  2. nhoj_yelbom's Avatar
    i've had this for ages!
    ill take a copy of the beta, not considered piracy
    2010-02-01 05:15 AM
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    Apple should really open their development. I'm not alone when I say that the only reason I haven't done any Iphone development is because Xcode is a terribly IDE. If I can't use Visual Studio I'd rather not bother. Of course I'm not referring to any drag and drop engines.
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    2010-02-01 01:19 PM
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    Way back when many years ago Novell sued M$ saying that the way M$ told its VAR's to sell there server products in enviroments that had Novell back ends was to say the least wrong. Basically you would buy 1 Novell Lisc and have the windows server connect to it then you would map the drives together allowing everyone on the windows network to access all of the data via the mapped drives. Novell claimed if x number of people were accesing the data you needed the same amount of CAL's M$ claimed that if only 1 computer or user was connected to the Novell server then one CAL ws needed. In other words if only 1 person was logging into the Novell Server then only 1 CAL was needed. M$ won that cases.

    I am bringing that up as I am suprised at how Dragonfire got around the apples requirements that the Iphone software had to be created on a Intel based Mac and at the same time calling myself a complete idiot that I did not think of the same thing and save myself $8,000.00 in hardware and software that I spent. Since I cant return any of the items I will be developing in a Mac enviroment but I will be supporting Dragonfire by purchasing there SDK.

    Apples rule isnt that the apps have to be developed on a Intel Based Mac they have to be compiled and built on a Mac. And with allowing people who purchase there SDK to build there software on a mac server for free they are correct when they say the apps are fully compliant with apple.

    Now I would challenge Dragonfire to to evolve there SDK to something better then what UNITY3d has even at a slightly lower price 3,000.00 (No I didnt purchase there SDK) is way to much I think.
    2010-02-04 01:17 AM
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    For those of you concerned about the legality issues, Apple's 3.3.1 clause states, "Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone OS WebKit engine, and only code written in C, C++, and Objective-C may compile and directly link against the Documented APIs (e.g., Applications that link to Documented APIs through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool are prohibited).

    This states that applications can be created by using C or C++ code like the DragonFireSDK program does. So hopefully that will clear up some of the concerns!

    DragonFireSDK also encourages their users to create their own iPhone Developer account so they can have personal control over the apps they create.
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    2010-05-28 04:56 PM
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    Dragonfiresdk is nothing but cheating. we need to pay 50$ for SDK. one more surprise will be coming later. yes you should pay more 50$ when you build app using their server. dont go for DragonfireSDK.
    2012-03-18 03:51 AM
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