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    Twitter is telling the whole story tonight. The popular social networking site is the place where several iPhone hackers are revealing how they were unceremoniously given the boot by Apple from the iTunes App Store. It signals what some say is a sweeping ban of known iPhone hackers by Cupertino in the latest attempt to discourage hackers from doing what they do best.

    Does the name Sherif Hashim ring a bell? He's the iPhone dev who has successfully mounted more than one hack job on the iPhone OS. Today on his Twitter, Hashim told the tale of his iTunes dismissal by Apple.

    "Your Apple ID was banned for security reasons", that's what i get when i try to go to the app store, they must be really angry ))))
    Apple, as we know, is stepping up efforts to crack down on iPhone hackers. From hiring personnel reportedly devoted exclusively to ridding the world of iPhone hackers, to these latest repudiations of accomplished hackers, there's no telling what (or who) may be on Cupertino's "most wanted" list. In addition to Mr. Hashim, fellow hacker - code name iH8Sn0w - similarly posted on Twitter (in response to Hashim's tweet) that he also got busted by Apple.

    @sherif_hashim lol, they did that to my ih8sn0wyday[@t]googmail.com too. (right after I posted XEMN)...
    If Apple really has launched an all-out offensive against iPhone hackers, the ban will likely fall on more than just these two. And I'm sure Twitter will remain the place to follow Apple's newest casualties as they are booted one by one from iTunes.

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    2010-02-16 09:00 AM
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    This is insane. What they have done has nothing to do with the Apple Store, so why ban their accounts? It just seem childish and somewhat wrong. Is that even legal? If they are going to make any attempts to ban hackers, why not go after their websites? Instead they kick them out of the only place they really make money from an existing user? So instead they will just make the user go to alternative app stores? What's the motiv here?

    Apple is going mental, if they crackdown like this on jailbreaking, I have no use for an iPhone anymore. sheesh
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    2010-02-16 09:04 AM
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    so wait does this mean they will do this to everyone who jailbreaks? -_-

    if i get banned bye appstore hello cydia ^_^
    2010-02-16 09:05 AM
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    so wait does this mean they will do this to everyone who jailbreaks? -_-

    if i get banned bye appstore hello cydia ^_^
    Yeah, if they start doing this then i hate to say it but we would have to resort to illegal methods of getting the app store apps
    Sent from my iPad
    2010-02-16 09:15 AM
  5. sheon's Avatar
    yup agreed i pay for my **** so apple leave me alone -_-

    if apple allows themes no locking ******** and allows me to run apps in the background then fine i wont jailbreak but untell then jailbreaking FTW
    2010-02-16 09:17 AM
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    There is no excuse for piracy.
    Sherif just created a new account, mind you, they had blocked his credit card as well so he had to use his wife's.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2010-02-16 09:26 AM
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    i really don't think apple realises where ALOT of their sales come from. i would have considered an iPhone one heck of a lot less, less than half if i coulden't Jailbreak. I think they should stop being ******s and incourporate hackers into the iPhone development and allow these sort of things LEGALLY, this way they would make even more sales.....
    apple has just about broken even with the amount of iDevices i've bricked...
    2010-02-16 10:01 AM
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    I left my windows mobile phone 2 years ago for the iPhone. Maybe it's time to go back now that the new Windows Phone 7 is looking really good so far.

    Windows Phone 7 Series hands-on and impressions (updated with video) -- Engadget

    Windows Phone 7 Interface: Microsoft Has Out-Appled Apple - Microsoft windows phone 7 - Gizmodo
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    2010-02-16 10:53 AM
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    jeez what does that have anything to do with anything! yea apple we get it your big and bad and call the shots we are soo scared please don't ban all of the people who hack there phone. it doesn't take a genius to figure out the bad pr they'd get if they did anything drastic with something like this its just another ha one point for us it will blow over and mean nothing in a few days.
    Yeah, you'll be the coolest person in the room when you pull one out and show it around, but that gets old fast when three other people have them and one person somehow has one that glows in the dark.
    John C. Dvorak
    The American columnist and broadcaster in article 'Rethinking the iPhone' in PC Magazine.
    2010-02-16 11:06 AM
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    How are they able to tell??? I dont use iTunes, only when a firmware update is needed... and 3.1.3 from what Ive heard provides nothing worth upgrading for..

    I suspect If they can tell, it would only be when you hook up your device to iTunes which could then interogate your device...?

    I buy apps from the appstore, so if they took this hard stance, I would definately reconsider my options when my contract runs out... they're shooting themselves in the foot really...
    2010-02-16 11:07 AM
  11. confucious's Avatar
    Not that impressed with WP7
    see http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-news...ml#post5125852
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2010-02-16 11:08 AM
  12. ukoda's Avatar
    I do like my 2G iPhone but as a tech type I must have full control of my phone and that means jail breaking it. It pisses me of that I have to battle with Apple to get that and puts me off the idea of idea of buying an iPad or upgrading my iPhone. My next phone will most likely be an Android phone, but only a model that gives me root access.
    2010-02-16 11:11 AM
  13. PapaDocta's Avatar
    is apple snooping on our data on the iphone?!
    2010-02-16 11:33 AM
  14. M4tt Dam0n's Avatar
    Well, microsoft is banning modded xbox consoles so apple banning hackers that find exploits is logical. But still sucks cuz we need those hackers lol.
    2010-02-16 11:35 AM
  15. DrMod's Avatar
    Well, microsoft is banning modded xbox consoles so apple banning hackers that find exploits is logical. But still sucks cuz we need those hackers lol.
    You could understand that, as M$ could be "losing out" (lol, well hardly losing out, as im sure it barely makes a scratch in their profits..!!) on lost revenue with the use of pirated games.. but how exactly are apple losing out???
    2010-02-16 11:44 AM
  16. goodluck4287's Avatar
    Saw a picture on digg a while back that said "Treat Pluto like an asteroid and it will start acting like one" with a picture of it plummeting into the Earth.

    Let's put this into perspective Apple: Treat a hacker like a criminal and they will start acting like one. ...Hackers will undoubtedly use a fun replacement for the AppStore if they aren't able to BUY any apps. I can think of a few.

    Of course, I'm not condoning piracy, but I think that captures the concept of what would otherwise happen to meet the demands of obtaining software.
    2010-02-16 11:49 AM
  17. NakedFaerie's Avatar
    Just more proof Apple sucks.
    2010-02-16 11:50 AM
  18. badass1469's Avatar
    how did apple even find out that this guy was a hacker? do i smell a law suit of invasion of privacy...?
    damn drug dealers, and there jailbroken iPhones... ____ Hit the thanks if you think i suck
    2010-02-16 12:03 PM
  19. vedavis's Avatar
    Be careful AAPL, the rest of the smartphone community is catching up, quick.
    2010-02-16 12:25 PM
  20. iLaw-One's Avatar
    I knew there was something fishy about the itunes update...If they can do this, then that means something somewhere is still reporting back...and it sure means that 'privacy' from Saurik in Cydia is not working exactly as it should, or maybe it's working just perfectly and the only way Apple can find out is if they don't get feed-back from JB iphones...
    Either way, something needs to be done and FAST
    If this carries on, then WP7 / Android here I come
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    2010-02-16 12:44 PM
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