1. sayam's Avatar
    How does this even matter?! Most people who really wanted a 3GS either got one for much more than the would be MRP from the grey market or probably from some other country (like me).. I am pretty sure that Apple's just cleaning its inventory by making it available in India now as it's time for the next gen..!
    2010-03-21 10:01 PM
  2. ncnyxx13's Avatar
    anyone else find the iPhone picture in the article weird?
    1. That is the original iPhone (silver back and black buttons)
    2. The power button is on the wrong side, also the headphone jack is on the wrong side
    3. The mirror image on the bottom is of album art view on the iPod

    Next time try to cover up your ignorance of knowledge please at least try to do some research and get it right first.
    Thank you
    2010-03-21 10:01 PM
  3. rickybobby's Avatar
    so are we to say that picture does match that phone that is old in india because it don't look like mine or any else i know maybe just a bad photoshop guys
    2010-03-21 10:16 PM
  4. dhruvmalik's Avatar
    I think this is a Major Fail from Airtel to launch it just when the next model is coming out. Especially since they will price it above 30K. Thats $600.00, I could pick up the next version for that much being on ATT and traveling to India for work a lot.
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    2010-03-21 10:39 PM
  5. punjabi212's Avatar
    bbrruuahhhhhh to all ya fellow punjabis
    2010-03-21 11:17 PM
  6. rhekt's Avatar
    well good for india to finally get the iphone
    killall Terminal[]
    2010-03-21 11:46 PM
  7. tudtran's Avatar
    One country at a time. iPhone is taking over the world.
    2010-03-22 03:24 AM
  8. sllmhjn's Avatar
    although its good that we'll finally have 3gs launched here but what a fail it's gonna be, especially when a new iphone is just around the corner. Pricing of this phone has always been an issue in India, especially when 3g speeds and Apple support are a matter of concern. 3gs is easily available in the grey markets. You ain't gonna get Apple support neways.
    Into breaking stuff, off late!!
    iPhone 4s (Black- 32gb)
    2010-03-22 10:19 AM
  9. vamshivasanthr's Avatar
    due to delay in auction of 3g networks to private carriers(like hutch vodafone, airtel, aircell, tata, ect....), the apple's phone(i feel better in web surfing) is dalayed in India
    2010-03-23 07:01 PM
  10. hapishyguy's Avatar
    India is the 2nd largest in the world for cell phone usage and consumption. Since its a open economy and no laws there is not scarce for Iphone. Remember China is very close to India. Whole of the asia and europe is united and america is the only continent that is seperated from the rest of the world in terms of laws and other things. Rest of the world turns a switch down to turn the light on and US turns it up. As if it runs a parallel universe.
    So, the point is that people in India change cell phones like clothes. Even my friends in India change their cell phone every week. They give the old one and buy the new one and pay the balance. You go to sony ericsson store, nokia store, samsung store, motorola store etc they all do it.
    India has a market of its own. Nokia is more popular in India and its widely available. Even a homeless has a cell phone in India guys! lolz!
    Iphone market will pickup but slowly. Also to consider that data plans are not very popular in general public, only in corporate sectors. So if company wants to sell (if apple pushes it) phone with a new contract with data plan then it wont be much successful.
    Dont worry, they will comes out with jailbroke and other stuff very soon.
    Its a lot of competition in India that US market. US market is controlled by companies but Indian market is not.
    So lets see how soon iPhone gets popular

    I am going to visit India very soon and I will try to use my 3gs there. Let's see.
    2010-03-24 07:31 PM
  11. vamshivasanthr's Avatar
    wat u said is right(hapishguy), most of them change their phones frequently, sticking on to selected(govt., bsnl..etc) carrier for apple,this may not work in India, as far as their is no auction to private carriers(hutch vodafone, airtell, tata...etc)their wont be much use of 3g mobiles in india,
    2010-03-25 02:01 PM
  12. B19's Avatar
    It's SAD!!!!
    One of the biggest IT Professionals producer country in the world,But very poor technology over there.
    The companies rip off the customers.
    Did you really just say that the paki on the other end of the phone line reading what a computer tells them to say is a professional? They are just cheap labor, don't kid yourself Parminder. IT Professional..... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i think not
    2010-04-12 02:38 AM
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    Hi, This is Ben from India. Can anybody help me finding "Phonebook SIM card" in India, specifically in Gujarat. I need the "Phonebook SIM card" to activate my iPhone.


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  15. BenjaminRosenthal's Avatar
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