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  1. 05VIII's Avatar
    Wow, that's badass. If this is possible to do on a 3gs once the jailbreak is out I will be donating 100$to him. Great work!
    2010-04-22 03:48 AM
  2. ownerofspam's Avatar
    i need help,
    i downloaded all the files for the openiboot crap and iandroid
    and im dualbooting ubuntu,
    can some1 tell me how to install this to my iphone?
    1. You need to have the original iPhone.
    2. Theres a readme file inside, if you open it with notepad or anything like that it'll give you pretty good directions.
    2010-04-22 03:48 AM
  3. finalfantasy_lkta's Avatar
    one word : DOPE !!!
    2010-04-22 03:49 AM
  4. Cer0's Avatar
    I know, I wouldn't mind giving it a try but will probably just slap iPhone OS back on if they make it for the 3GS.
    2010-04-22 03:49 AM
  5. dellandc's Avatar
    1. You need to have the original iPhone.
    2. Theres a readme file inside, if you open it with notepad or anything like that it'll give you pretty good directions.
    dang, thes instructions are wierd...
    oh well, i will try this and telll u guys if this works later
    2010-04-22 03:49 AM
  6. ty22's Avatar
    This is truly amazing. And I don't mean to be ungrateful, but....... WebOS please!
    2010-04-22 03:51 AM
  7. Raptors's Avatar
    k so i have a 2G iphone somewhere in my room, the instructions seem hard though
    2010-04-22 03:53 AM
  8. Cory Gillmore's Avatar
    I've still got my old 3G. Hopefully they get it working on it before too long. I would love to be able to use it for something other than an alarm clock again!
    2010-04-22 03:59 AM
  9. kraziebone's Avatar
    This is unbelievable.
    2010-04-22 04:00 AM
  10. Cer0's Avatar
    I bet Steve and Eric have something more to talk about their next cafe meeting.

    Eric: So I see my OS is on your iPhone now.
    Steve: Yea, but you still can't have mine on your's.

    2010-04-22 04:04 AM
  11. Ticko's Avatar
    cant wait for this!
    2010-04-22 04:07 AM
  12. exNavy's Avatar
    Can someone put this file someplace besides Mediafire???
    2010-04-22 04:11 AM
  13. iphone8130hak's Avatar
    2010-04-22 04:17 AM
  14. unison999's Avatar
    People who did this already... Does the phone need to be unlocked or does the programming allow it to use any sim card?
    2010-04-22 04:22 AM
  15. idigipunk's Avatar
    very nice!
    2010-04-22 04:22 AM
  16. iBwizzle's Avatar
    [Blank Stare]
    2010-04-22 04:26 AM
  17. politicalslug's Avatar
    This guy is so self-deprecating in the video, but damn dude, you're a freakin genius. Perhaps he needs a few more pats on the back, because what he's done here is amazing. Google take heed! You should be hiring this man immediately. If he had a few more resources and he fully dedicated his time to this project Google could easily allow Android to be installed on the millions of iPhones and iPod Touches of the world. How on Earth would that not be a massive boon to Google? Hire this guy soon, or someone else will! Great job! I love my iPhone but I would LOVE the ability to give it some Android love as well. Who wouldn't?
    2010-04-22 04:27 AM
  18. powa's Avatar
    i must say, WOW!
    2010-04-22 04:32 AM
  19. toawkanavngthded's Avatar
    hmmm tried dl and it was unable to open... would love to try it out though... theres always some advantage on having a 2g =)
    2010-04-22 04:36 AM
  20. Zeal's Avatar
    Android sucks tho...

    I wanna see Windows 7 Mobile on the iPhone...

    Now thats something to talk about
    2010-04-22 04:38 AM
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