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  1. posixninja's Avatar
    mmmmmm..... now just get me some SilverPatr0n, and some SeaS4lt, and i'll be happy.

    (sorry, having a hard time getting out of vacation mode)
    2010-04-26 04:13 PM
  2. hollow0's Avatar
    Why would you guys post all of this personal information on here? His address and phone number? Didn't you even try to think twice about doing that? I hope all of that info is fake....for his sake.

    Do you understand that whois info is public.
    Never mind.. I didn't know that.
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    2010-04-26 04:19 PM
  3. JaydeTech's Avatar
    Whois information is public. Go try it yourself. You can do it to any website, and it is up to the owner of the website whether or not they want their information public.

    You would be surprised what information you could can get if you just ask, whether through internet services which are free and legal, as well as government documents. You have the right to pursue knowledge
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    I don't believe in charging for themes...but I believe in donations for great work
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    2010-04-26 04:24 PM
  4. Cid6.7's Avatar
    Next JB is going to be called c0r0nara1n :P
    2010-04-26 04:30 PM
  5. Silenus's Avatar
    Even if it was public, I know that's unwanted publicity.

    Even if my facebook profile is public, I don't want to see it on some site.
    2010-04-26 04:32 PM
  6. NessLookAlike's Avatar
    Just because its public knowledge doesn't mean its publicly and obviously written up and displayed on a website for every search engine and nerd and psychopath to crawl. Not every noob or psychopath knows how to whois a website or what 'whois' even is, but they definitely know how to dial a phone number or get step-by-step instructions through Google Maps to Hotz' home.

    The address and phone number information should be taken down. The editor needs to exercise some responsibility and common-sense here.
    2010-04-26 04:37 PM
  7. lexquiles's Avatar
    All I want is a tethered jailbreak that works... meaning when I restart my iPhone 3gs, or iPad, it restarts like any normal device. Having to not worry if the battery dies, then searching for a computer so I can boot it has become pretty annoying. I am so suprised that this was never corrected. BLAH... Oh well I'll see what the new Lime jailbreak has in store!
    2010-04-26 04:57 PM
  8. pyrotek's Avatar
    Last I checked, George didn't live in New Jersey.. So this is obviously not his address.
    2010-04-26 04:57 PM
  9. corkey20000's Avatar
    Why would he not use whois guard? Even I use this one my two websites and I do not have a worldwide cult following, sortive
    2010-04-26 04:58 PM
  10. kraziebone's Avatar
    I tried to street view his address with no luck. This kid is great
    2010-04-26 05:04 PM
  11. extremzocker's Avatar
    nice, wonder what the jailbreak for next iPhone will be called. hoping for animals lol. or even
    2010-04-26 05:05 PM
  12. Jahooba's Avatar
    Um, I guess "lime" could be considered a color if Crayola has any say in the matter.
    2010-04-26 05:16 PM
  13. boxxa's Avatar
    I would think Geohot would use WhoIs Privacy.
    2010-04-26 05:20 PM
  14. santaf's Avatar
    I can't wait to jailbreak this iPad haha and I'm sure that's a fake address
    2010-04-26 05:20 PM
  15.'s Avatar
    looks like a jailbroken sims icon
    iPhone Devices;3

    All the iPhone "Killers";50+

    How does the iPhone STILL win?
    2010-04-26 05:31 PM
  16. hollow0's Avatar
    I tried to street view his address with no luck. This kid is great
    See look at that. This guy is using street view on Geo...i mean come on lol. Creeper much?
    2010-04-26 05:31 PM
  17. confucious's Avatar
    If anyone thinks young Mr Hotz doesn't know that whois information is public and know that it will be published really doesn't know him very well. If it's there it's because he wants it to be there.
    Stupid is one thing he most certainly is not.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2010-04-26 05:35 PM
  18. mahockey's Avatar
    pissra1n ? ..hurry up already !
    2010-04-26 05:37 PM
  19. Conas's Avatar
    Kyle Matthews

    Just cause it's public, doesn't mean we need it reposted for everyone to see. Might be the wrong Kyle Matthews, but what if it's not? I'd feel very violated.
    Last edited by Conas; 2010-04-26 at 06:27 PM. Reason: I made my point ;-)
    2010-04-26 05:41 PM
  20. PouncingLion's Avatar
    I'm so happy....!
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    2010-04-26 05:44 PM
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