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    David Wong, the "hobbyist hacker" much more widely recognized as "planetbeing," has posted a blog proclaiming Andoid's arrival on the iPhone 3G. Despite the admission that the port is "slightly more rough" than its predecessor (Android on first-generation iPhone port), Wong says this accomplishment is significant for no shortage of reasons, not the least of which is that it represents an "important milestone for the more DIY-minded owners of the millions of iPhone 3G devices that are out there."

    You can almost read the excitement in Wong's voice as he penned word that he has successfully made Google's Android OS run on the iPhone 3G, a feat that, without question, will engender more than a few ridiculously cool possibilities for the iPhone 3G - like using the Android OS to surf the web or exploring an entirely new world of apps. And while Wong praises the notion of "do-it-yourself," don't worry. You won't necessarily have to go it alone to make Android run on your iPhone 3G.

    you'll have your chance in a couple of days when the packaged binaries and instructions for the 3G are posted.
    In the midst of announcing the development, it was also noted that a host of tweaks were made to the first port. For example, the Wi-Fi driver "has been fleshed out with all the Android-specific extensions." Additionally, an Android icon has been slapped on the boot menu for easy access. And while audio support is yet to arrive, Wang assures his readers that this issue will be resolved next, as the "groundwork" has been laid. According to Wang, audio support on the 3G should be forthcoming in a matter of days.

    Indeed, the iPhone 3G is now running Android. To see Wong's video of the epic achievement, check out his blog.

    Image via planetbeing
    2010-05-07 02:51 AM
  2. chrisrotolo's Avatar
    dual boot?

    dual boot?



    dual boot 3gs??....

    Congrats Planetbeing

    you are the man
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    2010-05-07 02:54 AM
  3. The Maestro's Avatar
    I doubt 3GS will get this bro, we get ****** when it comes to hacks these days
    2010-05-07 02:55 AM
  4. chrisrotolo's Avatar
    idroid rooted package for cydia? sweetness
    2010-05-07 02:56 AM
  5. djaquapimp's Avatar
    hope we get it on the 3GS i'd love to show it off to my friends with andriods!
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    2010-05-07 02:56 AM
  6. chrisrotolo's Avatar
    i thought he said earlier if he got it on the the 3g , 3gs shouldnt be much more difficult, is this cool or what?
    2010-05-07 02:56 AM
  7. DisneyRicky's Avatar
    What's the point?
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    2010-05-07 03:00 AM
  8. lv_vl's Avatar
    I don't get it. Why not get Android phone at the first place?

    Reminds me of "running Mac on PC" type of hack. Yes, it sounds and looks cool, but not that usable on a daily basis.

    What's the point?
    Exactly. Anybody wants to elaborate?
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    2010-05-07 03:05 AM
  9. jacobthejokester's Avatar
    Oh god we can't install it yet D:
    oh well a couple more days.
    eiei doktor octagonapus blar D<
    2010-05-07 03:05 AM
  10. mikerlx's Avatar
    2010-05-07 03:07 AM
  11. Sakyr's Avatar
    Actually i've been running mac on my pc perfectly for more than a year now even with updates and all. So even if its beta Android on iphone for now, it will be fully fonctional at one point. So before you knock down a project, get informed about how things work or better yet if your not intrested about this why comment.
    2010-05-07 03:10 AM
  12. s1l3nt's Avatar
    2010-05-07 03:11 AM
  13. battlecrushr's Avatar
    OMG YES im gonna install tonite

    oh wait, not released lol
    well cant wait
    2010-05-07 03:12 AM
  14. whereswaldo's Avatar
    is the 3gs next?
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    2010-05-07 03:19 AM
  15. romeo_herman's Avatar
    This look like trans gender...
    2010-05-07 03:24 AM
  16. patar49's Avatar
    could this mess up your device? and if u wanna comment just email at [email protected]
    2010-05-07 03:31 AM
  17. thehrushi's Avatar
    Need this one on iPod Touch soon!! Hey Planetbeing please.... do something!!
    2010-05-07 03:34 AM
  18. PAKIS-RULEZ's Avatar
    you go boy planetbeing rocks! hip hip hurray lol
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    2010-05-07 03:40 AM
  19. djmoya's Avatar
    iPad and 3gs next?
    2010-05-07 03:43 AM
  20. mb23's Avatar
    that is bad ***!!!
    2010-05-07 03:45 AM
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