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    I'm not good with math but did I read this right...118MB NOT GB of storage for every 1 minute of 720p video (roughly of course?) If so then the 16GB will def work for me. I read on here a few days ago where someone was claiming the phone would eat up about 1GB of 720p per minute! I wonder where he got that calculation from?
    Yeah, based on my latest update on my post, 118 MBytes per min for full 1280x720 HD recording.

    I actually think this is the high end of the possible range of storage. If Apple is able to crank up the compression with the faster CPU in the iPhone 4 it could be as little as 79 MBytes per min. My guess is it will fall somewhere between those 2 numbers.

    hmph last year i convinced myself to get the 16 gb cus i had the ipod nano 5g thinking id lisn to music on it while keeping my iphone empty it really dint work out that way for some reason i felt i must lisn to music from my iphone and ended filling it up :P
    Yeah, I was the same way with my iPhone 3G. Figured I would use my 80GB iPod which was filled to about 60GB for music so I could have all my music. I realized I had a lot of music that I just had to have, but never listened too. So making some better playlist I'm able to get by with just my iPhone for the past year and half or so.
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    I want the 1 petrabyte iPhone.

    It has a lot of nice features.
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    i too am having this debate
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    got my 32 on the way
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    Update on this, sample video shows that it comes out to about 83.4 MB/ min. So this was on the lower side of my 79 MB/ min @ 60:1 compression to 118 MB/ min @ 40:1 compression.

    The pictures came out to about 2.6 MB, just a touch more than my 2.7 MB estimate.

    More Here:
    iPhone 4 picture and HD video sizes confirmed, gets upgraded video compression | When Will Apple?
    2010-06-18 04:38 PM
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