1. Milly79's Avatar
    Two questions. I reserved a phone in apple.com. I got the confirmation email and it says that I have to show up with my social security number.

    1.)Do they really check your SSN? Because my 3G is under my dads name which is the same as mine but it has Jr. at the end. He left on a trip out of the U.S for a couple on months.

    2.) Will I still be able to pick it up with his SSN if I tell them my situation and/or show documentation that I'm his son?
    From what I've been told, all you need is to be an authorized user on the account and know his last 4 of SS#. I'm not sure how the documentation would work, though. Maybe just last name?
    2010-06-16 12:13 AM
  2. twitchthecat's Avatar
    Success finally!!!
    2010-06-16 12:13 AM
  3. nathansharifrazi's Avatar
    use the iphone Ios app to pre order
    2010-06-16 12:14 AM
  4. ert6ic's Avatar
    it took me over 1 hour to get my 2 lines upgraded through premier website, it was around 230 pm to 330 pm est. i had recieved email with the confirmation # right away, but the white one will be available to order on June 24th.
    2010-06-16 12:18 AM
  5. flaviocontreras's Avatar
    I guess i got lucky because around 1:40am pacific time i log on in to my att account because the apple store would not let me updgrade my phone. On my att account after i click upgrade and then when to the iphone section it let me upgrade after 5 min i had upgrade to the a black iphone 4 32gigs for 299.99. Good thing i order it around that time because right now the att website for upgrade is down and you have to call their costumr service.
    2010-06-16 12:20 AM
  6. 2Jaze's Avatar
    Just finally worked for me. Revisited the site and tried a bunch of other order configurations to see if it would stall, it hasn't in 3 times so those who ddin't get their order in, if you're reading...try and go for it!
    2010-06-16 12:22 AM
  7. H1J1NX's Avatar
    From what I've been told, all you need is to be an authorized user on the account and know his last 4 of SS#. I'm not sure how the documentation would work, though. Maybe just last name?
    Thank you for the quick response. As for documentation, I have his old I.D that expired last month and his actual SS card. Maybe show them that we are indeed related since we have identical names and the same address is on both our I.Ds.

    I dunno. I'm just hoping all goes well.
    2010-06-16 12:25 AM
  8. iphone925's Avatar
    I have placed my iphone 4 32 gig order at AT & T Store it took hardly 30 mins And yea I tried apple and at & T website before placing an order with store i had no luck i tried for about good 8 hrs and yes apple 1 800 my apple number is no help either
    2010-06-16 12:28 AM
  9. supershick's Avatar
    engadget says pre-order is all sold out...if you get it right now it's not guaranteed for 24th delivery.

    2010-06-16 12:29 AM
  10. itsmejdn's Avatar
    Apple.com pre-ordering site is up! Well, it was down for me since 7am. I was able to place 1 pre-order on AT&T, and 1 on Apple.com. w00t.
    2010-06-16 12:32 AM
  11. FURBY8704's Avatar
    put it my order about an hour ago - got charged right away too =/

    iPHONE 3G FW 4.0 JB & iPHONE 4 4.0 READY TO BE JB=]
    2010-06-16 12:34 AM
  12. mtb29er's Avatar
    I just did via at&t with no problem
    2010-06-16 12:35 AM
  13. lovemyifone's Avatar
    Where did you exactly read that pre orders are sold out?
    2010-06-16 12:35 AM
  14. ipod touch u's Avatar
    ive been trying for around 6 hours on and off with no luck, does anyone know if there is a way around paying the 15$ data plan fee when pre ordering your iphone 4?
    2010-06-16 12:39 AM
  15. jcasas392's Avatar
    it is now 6:38p in miami, fl. after trying on and off since about 4:30am, i tried it about 5 minutes ago, and it zoomed through all the way to the cart. I entered my billing info and was done. i suggest those waiting try now!
    2010-06-16 12:39 AM
  16. itsmejdn's Avatar
    Where did you exactly read that pre orders are sold out?
    "AT&T sold out of iPhone 4 pre-orders for launch day"
    AT&T sold out of iPhone 4 pre-orders for launch day -- Engadget
    2010-06-16 12:40 AM
  17. Zelaya's Avatar
    I finally reserved one for pick up couple minutes ago. Apple has same rule as AT&T they only shipped to billing address with a signature only.
    2010-06-16 12:41 AM
  18. swede922's Avatar
    No email for me either, but did get confirmation page on the site. Unfortunately I was a bonehead and did not make a note of the order number

    Hope all is ok.
    Just go to your ATT account page and check orders and it will show your order with order number.

    Just called ATT and they told me email conformations will be sent 24 to 72 hours after order was placed. This is due to the heavy volume of orders today.
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    2010-06-16 12:44 AM
  19. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
    I got one at 1:35 am pst and another 3:20 pst which was like 20 minutes ago.
    2010-06-16 12:45 AM
  20. 19Dan89's Avatar
    If ordered from the apple website they will be shipping by July the 2nd now
    2010-06-16 12:50 AM
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