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    I ordered my iphone 4 from the AT&T premier site yesterday morning around 5am without any problems. I received and email stating that my order was recieved and that they will begin fulfilling the orders on the 24th. There was also an order number in the email. I checked my account and the money had been taken out. I checked the status of my order last night and it says that it was on back order and I will receive and email when the order is shipped. Did anyone else who ordered their phone from the AT&T premier site have a order status that says that their phone is on backorder as well?
    I ended up pre-ordering mine via AT&T website at 1:15pm EST.
    I checked my order, it has been received and its current status is processing.

    Nothing about back order.
    Previous Phone: AT&T Tilt
    Rom:Phoenix3 Win6.5 -Also Running Android 1.5-

    Carrier: AT&T
    Location: Rhode Island
    2010-06-16 08:23 PM
  2. projectdwnshft's Avatar
    its weird last night i finally got the email confirming my order that i placed in the ATT store at around 1:30ish and in the email it showed my order and how i could track it. So i went to the site tracked it and it showed the phone, sim card, and freight and all 3 were shown as being on back-order. after reading the front page of MMI i went and just checked it again and its changed from Back-ordered Items to Ordered Items. I plan on keeping an eye on this next week to see if it changes again.
    2010-06-16 08:58 PM
  3. javiert30's Avatar
    They just have these options,

    In Progress: Our warehouse is still processing this item for shipment.

    Canceled: This item has been canceled and will not be shipped.

    Partially Shipped: Some of the items have shipped. If an item is on backorder, an amount will appear in the Qty Backordered column.

    Shipped: Our warehouse has shipped this item.

    How yours says back-ordered?
    2010-06-16 09:59 PM
  4. mrkbnt's Avatar
    Ok so I pre ordered mine at about 11:30 am pacific time. I got a confirmation number and printed it out. I never got a e-mail still and all the att web-site is saying is in progress. Do any of u know if that means I will get it on the 24th?
    2010-06-16 10:19 PM
  5. javiert30's Avatar
    Mine says quantity ordered and in progress. I made my pre-order yesterday 15 about 2 or 3PM on ATT store thru the system, not thru the ATT list. I think if you dont see nothing on the quantity back ordered column you will be ok.
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    2010-06-16 10:28 PM
  6. partycove's Avatar
    I did mine at 4am on 6-15.
    It took maybe 10 mins. They all ready took my money out. Today I get a tx saying this.
    (AT&T Free Message. iPhone 4 stock arrives June 24th, orders will be filled on/after that time. Check for updates.)

    I check my order status and it as the right date of 6-15-2010. Everything says in progress.

    I've never preorder before. So is that good??? Thx
    2010-06-16 10:30 PM
  7. mrkbnt's Avatar
    Well I just checked my bank account and there is a pending balance of about $200 so I am assuming it went through. Still no e-mail. And I don't know if I got a text because I don't have a phone now because I sold my 3g to pay for this one lol. I really hope I get it on the 24th because I wont have a phone until then lol.

    Ok so I talked to att and they said don't pay attention to the news. The latest update they have is everything is moving as planned meaning pre-orders are going to arrive on the 24th. The person I talked to told me I can call a number to check the status of my order with the confirmation number. The number is 1-866-391-0749. Press 1 and then enter your confirmation number. Mine said it takes up to 48 hours before I will get a e-mail so for all you that have not recieved a e-mail yet that is probably why. But basically the person I talked to said all the pre orders are supposed to arrive as planned on the 24th and that is why they stopped taking pre orders because they are sold out. Pretty amazing when you get information from the actual source huh? lol.
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    2010-06-16 11:05 PM
  8. partycove's Avatar
    Thx alot
    2010-06-16 11:15 PM
  9. jdm.accord's Avatar
    Not sure where you're getting that information. I ordered through AT&T (business/premier) and got an email confirmation with a "Reference Web Order Number" to track order status within 10 minutes of order.
    I'm not premier so maybe that makes a difference but I didn't get an email but my card was immediately charged and I have an order reference number from the confirmation page. I just re-checked the order with my order # and its still there and waiting to be shipped so I dunno....

    Not really surprising there are people who are getting them and people who aren't given the chaos lol
    2010-06-16 11:26 PM
  10. jaypod's Avatar
    Most of the time your card gets charged when the item is shipped. As along as you have the confirmation you're ok.

    For some reason I ordered mine off of the apple site at 9:40 in the morning and now my card has a pending charge for the amount of the phone. I guess they are getting their money right away this time haha
    2010-06-16 11:46 PM
  11. Zwayne's Avatar
    Just placed my order online at date 7/14
    2010-06-16 11:52 PM
  12. hogcia's Avatar
    I would NEVER order from AT&T, and I'm not sure way many people do? Apple store always has way more stock, I learn my lesson 2 years ago.
    2010-06-16 11:55 PM
  13. maddawg05's Avatar
    This sucks!!! Reserved for pick up (only option) mine at bout 2:30pm est. Got the Apple store app and it doesn't show my reservation. I'm pissed. I'm going to get my aunt in Canada to get me the unlocked one and ship it to me.
    2010-06-17 03:30 AM
  14. jay601b's Avatar
    The column that says quantity back ordered as one would naturally assume that it is backordered...wouldn't u think? Plus I called the number listed to check the status and it said it was on backorder as well

    They just have these options,

    In Progress: Our warehouse is still processing this item for shipment.

    Canceled: This item has been canceled and will not be shipped.

    Partially Shipped: Some of the items have shipped. If an item is on backorder, an amount will appear in the Qty Backordered column.

    Shipped: Our warehouse has shipped this item.

    How yours says back-ordered?
    WEll there is a 1 under the column that says backordered for all three items so obviously that means on backorder. Plus I called 877-782-8870 and it said it was on backorder as well. Trust me I have nothing to lie about cuz want my dayum phone lol
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    2010-06-17 09:31 AM
  15. Lovebotlasss17's Avatar
    I literally waited for the closest AT&T store to open to pre-order my iPhone 4. I waited about 1 hour outside (they locked their doors and let only a few people in at a time) and then waited another hour to finally have my order placed.

    I'm glad I did it this way. I have the receipt (very lengthy but important) that shows I have successfully placed my order, how much it cost, how to activate the phone, etc. Also, when I got home, I already had an email waiting for me. This is what it said:

    Thank you for your recent order. Your iPhone has been reserved and is expected to ship on or after June 24, 2010. Your order details as well as activation instructions are included below.

    As soon as your device ships, we will send an email confirmation including a tracking number for your convenience. In the meantime, you can check the status of your order on our website at any time by clicking here or by calling our automated system at 1-877-782-8870.

    Here are your order details:

    iPhone Order Details:

    Order Transaction Number: XXXXX (it's obviously not "x" but for privacy)

    Shipping Zip Code: XXXXX

    Good luck to us all!!

    For those of you that went into ATT stores yesterday to pre order, you might wanna call and check if ur order has been processed yet. Since their systems crashed, all orders were taken manually. So even if you went in yesterday, ur order might not have been processed till today thus ur i4 wont arrive till july 2nd....
    That's not true. I pre-ordered my phone in an AT&T store and although the systems were slow (very), they did not crash. It may have taken quite a few tries, but my order was successful. At least for quite a few of us, they didn't need to take our orders manually. I don't know about the customers behind me, but oh well.
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    2010-06-17 10:06 AM
  16. zoso10's Avatar
    I ordered mine on pre order day at night and i have to wait till July 2 for it to be shipped oh well it's closer to my birthday so it'll be a nice gift for me.
    2010-06-17 02:37 PM
  17. shore's Avatar
    I just checked my order and it says "in progress."

    I bought at the ATT store about noon the 15th.I was one of the 1st even by that time to work and get my confirmation summary.I got home and my CC had been charged already.

    I've heard both ways on about everything concerning this pre-order.I'll check the site everyday and see when it gets shipped.

    I also got the e-mail confirmation for the "24th or later"....way to CYA ATT.
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    2010-06-17 11:49 PM
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