1. iDeadman's Avatar
    With most of you guys, AT&T should of been better prepared. Did they really think this wasn't going to cause much hype? Feeling a lot better that I decided to wait for the white iPhone as well as let all the kinks out when the JB/unlock is available
    2010-06-16 09:18 PM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    i got this email to, it was like 5 seconds after i got the order confirmation number. bull crap. i sent email to [email protected] asking him why he couldnt get his company together
    it's not steves jobs fault
    2010-06-16 09:20 PM
  3. hornet18's Avatar
    AT&T at its Finest!!!

    AT&T at its finest!!! Fail!!!!!
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    2010-06-16 09:29 PM
  4. ryan christopher's Avatar
    Called AT&T and everything is good!

    Ordered mine from their website at 3am central time yesterday before their servers crashed
    The Future of Mobile

    2010-06-16 09:31 PM
  5. iPhone3G[S]'s Avatar
    glad I got mine thru apple a few hours before the apple website date changed. Confirmations that is.
    2010-06-16 09:31 PM
  6. smuthers66's Avatar
    Glad mines went through just check no cancellation emails
    2010-06-16 09:32 PM
  7. frozenra1n's Avatar
    I wonder if US will ever get unlocked iphones...
    2010-06-16 09:33 PM
  8. godsrainbow1984's Avatar
    Whew, glad I decided to keep trying on Apple's site and was finally able to preorder at about 9:00 pm last night...

    Just checked the status of it and saw this:

    I'll just keep an eye on the tracking of it...

    And just in case something happens to that I also have one on reserve at my local Apple store to pick up on the 24th...

    We'll see how it goes..

    Roscoe my beautiful blue pittie puppy
    2010-06-16 09:34 PM
  9. my1past1is1ur1future's Avatar
    huh, and i was enveyin the ones who pre orderd it. i think that's the problem with most successful companies. when they first start, thy work hard and stuff. however, once they get soo successful and rich, their work become lesser and lesser.
    2010-06-16 09:35 PM
  10. stfudvs's Avatar
    face it... AT&T sucks

    is 3g really worth that much more cash

    I pay 60 for 1000 mins
    nights weekends
    unlim text n data
    and no charge to teather

    I <3 my tmobile

    will drop the big bucks for a sim free phone, at&t's screwing its customers
    2010-06-16 09:42 PM
  11. bigdrdok's Avatar
    Glad i reserved mine for pick up at the apple store 
    2010-06-16 09:48 PM
  12. g12007's Avatar
    That's BS
    2010-06-16 09:49 PM
  13. cdx454's Avatar
    I think I might have to camp out on the 24
    2010-06-16 09:50 PM
  14. adp's Avatar
    I think I might have to camp out on the 24

    Once again, I am SO glad I pre-ordered yesterday
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    2010-06-16 09:54 PM
  15. Magnum's Avatar
    see me, i LOVE the camping out/waiting stupid amounts of time in line experience...i was already planning on being up and early for the iPhone! did it for 3G, 3GS, black friday and now will for iPhone 4...and im the type a guy who thinks white iPhones are for females so i dont care about white ones not being available...real sorry to all you who got orders cancelled but since you wont be getting it a day late, come join the fun and get it a day earlier than you would had!!!
    2010-06-16 10:03 PM
  16. LittleJob's Avatar
    so i pre-ordered on apple like at 9am yesterday and got the conformation...

    so im good..right?
    2010-06-16 10:05 PM
  17. delusion950's Avatar
    Ordered yesterday at 5pm havent gotten anything yet. too soon to tell but so far so good. hopefully they fix their issues soon. they should just halt orders until they sort out their problems now.

    without canceling ones that went through
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    2010-06-16 10:07 PM
  18. Otherkid's Avatar
    ROFL at AT&T. I'm glad I left them. Its like everyday they do something else retarded. You should make its on blog called AT&T FailBlog. I'd subscribe!
    2010-06-16 10:09 PM
  19. iphone925's Avatar
    O wow thank god i ordered mine at at&T store so they wont have any crap to give me like this and mine is still scheduled for the 24th \/ and got the confirmation email as well
    2010-06-16 10:10 PM
  20. aposey's Avatar
    I got the same email because it kept timing out on the final step. I placed my order like 5 times. I got 2 cancelled emails but when i logged in I had 1 order that made it thru so Im good. Yaaaaaaa! I did this at 4:30 am Central Time.
    2010-06-16 10:11 PM
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