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    The shortage of iPhone 4s as launch day approaches is due to limited supplies of the new Retina display, according to an industry analyst's report. CNET quotes Ashok Kumar, managing director and senior technology analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, as saying that a "production bottleneck" in the IPS LCD screen may continue to late summer. Meanwhile, customers continue to report emails from AT&T telling them that their iPhone 4 pre-orders have been canceled.

    In the snowballing EPIC FAIL that is the iPhone 4 rollout, there has been a lot of blame to go around. Server issues were responsible for delay and confusion when the new iPhone first went on sale last Tuesday, and AT&T stopped taking orders early Wednesday due to overwhelming demand. As the rush continued, black iPhones were no longer available for launch day, with ship dates pushed back first to July 2nd and then to July 14th. White iPhones are reported to be delayed to later this summer or even to 2011. It's unclear how long third party retailers will have to wait for supplies, as neither RadioShack nor Best Buy is saying when they will have iPhone 4s in stock. An AT&T rep told a MMi user that Best Buy will not have any iPhones by launch day.

    Kumar wrote in a letter to his clients that his "supply chain checks indicate that our earlier monthly shipment estimate of 4 million units have been reset by about half," blaming difficulty with the LCD manufacturing at LG Display, which makes the Retina display for Apple. By late summer, according to Kumar, LG will have upgraded their plants to new fifth-generation technology that will allow them to cut more screens from larger panels.

    Apple will probably do fine if they can get supplies up in a few weeks: many if not most of the people who have placed pre-orders will want an iPhone 4 and only an iPhone 4. If shortages continue, though, expect increasing numbers of potential iPhone buyers to start looking at other high-end smartphones like the HTC EVO and the upcoming Droid X.
    2010-06-20 10:21 PM
  2. pitamandan's Avatar
    Crap. I doubt I'm getting mine in then.

    2010-06-20 10:24 PM
  3. triniflavaforya's Avatar
    Damn!! I guess I'll hang on to my 3gs then!!
    2010-06-20 10:26 PM
  4. faschierbasis's Avatar
    I don't get it.... If you run a bussines and start selling things you have to have everything in order!!!
    2010-06-20 10:27 PM
  5. piston597's Avatar
    Good thing I ordered from Apple, they probably are gonna get the most supplies vs third party retailers, hope I get mine like promised.
    2010-06-20 10:29 PM
  6. carlos916's Avatar
    psshhh.. i got my shipment email yesterday from apple and my iphone just left HK yesterday! yeee!
    2010-06-20 10:34 PM
  7. aimetti's Avatar
    with all the news coming out on the shortages I wonder how much they will go for on ebay. I have 2 shipped as of right now thru apple. Will be hard to resist opening them but thye could be big money.
    2010-06-20 10:35 PM
  8. bobright's Avatar
    SO is Apple still allowing preorders at the moment? And what is shipping date on current preorders?
    2010-06-20 10:38 PM
  9. sheon's Avatar
    I see them on ebay for 1000 which is ******* nuts to pay for a damn cellphone I'll just wait fir the iPhone in white

    That photo is pimp tho I love that pic lol
    2010-06-20 10:39 PM
  10. shore's Avatar
    If this rings true then they will be doing more than $1k on ebay.People will pay.

    If this happens it's gonna be hard for me to not do that too when I get mine.I've got $200 into this deal and if I can clear $1k on top that it's gone.
    2010-06-20 10:49 PM
  11. aimetti's Avatar
    ya there are a few preorders selling for over 1200 right now on ebay. Not even guaranteed at this point.

    prolly gonna be crazy
    2010-06-20 10:51 PM
  12. piston597's Avatar
    I paid 399 for my phone (early upgrade) if I can make over 1k and if it covers the cost of 599+399= 1k lol so has to cover alot over that, bye bye iphone and hello old phone, then gonna buy iphone again no commitment when available lol.
    2010-06-20 10:51 PM
  13. iPhone3G[S]'s Avatar
    I have 3 pre-orders, no cancellation emails for me yet.

    You guys have to keep in mind, 600,000 pre-orders on day one, AT&T has had issues with their systems on every iPhone launch, and now the display manufacturer is falling behind...

    EVO is selling out every week, but they still only have 200K sold. I think 600K is insane for day 1, especially when you have issues cropping up that are out of your control.
    2010-06-20 10:56 PM
  14. TwinSouls's Avatar
    Im either selling my i4 for $1,000 or my 3GS for $300 by the 24th evening considering I was one of the 1st to pre order.I work at night so I got one early. Either way, Im basically get the i4 for free or getting paid to for it .Don't you just hate me :-)
    2010-06-20 11:05 PM
  15. delusion950's Avatar
    this is shi**y they know the demand will be high still every year same problem shortage. think i read on modmyi they had 3 million iphones just so tey dont run short? and now they r short it doesnt make sense. If they push white 4G for 2011 does this mean next year nonew model will be released except color difference??
    2010-06-20 11:10 PM
  16. evolasme's Avatar
    Im in Germany, T-Mobile here id the exclusive carrier. we dont have "Apple Stores" Just areas in retail stores but Telekom has always been the first to have 2g 3g and 3gs. I went to the telekom shop and pre-ordered mine. Im pretty sure all first level outlets got there allotment. So if you ordered direct from Apple or T-Mobile here in Germany you should be OK i think... I hope..;o)
    "Jane, get me off this crazy thing !!!!"
    2010-06-20 11:14 PM
  17. piston597's Avatar
    Lol what if Apple keeps some iPhones and sells on eBay for over 1k each haha nice business plan, theres a shortage, take advantage
    2010-06-20 11:14 PM
  18. swampzy's Avatar
    Radio Shack said via there twitter that they will have iPhone 4 on launch day. They said it in reply to someone who asked about it.

    RadioShack (RadioShack) on Twitter
    Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people seem bright until they start talking.
    2010-06-20 11:16 PM
  19. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
    This is stupid, if I don't get iPhone 4 by end of July, I'm holding out until iPhone 5th gen.

    MBP 15" 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo Nvidia 9400M 9600GT 256MB OS X 10.6.4 Windows 7 June 2009
    iPhone 4 August 28th
    2010-06-20 11:17 PM
  20. holdemdogg's Avatar
    apple is giving a shipped date of july 14 th and delivery date of july 15-19 just ordered mine from the website
    2010-06-20 11:23 PM
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