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    that is all its asking me. however i would like a third option which would be: NO ADDS AT ALL. so im glad the personal "opt out" is now working. i just dont want to see the use of adds get out of control. even if it is just an app. a free app is free because it is paid for by advertising. but if i pay for the app i shouldnt get something else pushed on me. thanks for the info though. i couldnt see it for myself because i declined the update. the section i pasted to my previous message was giving me visions of pop ups similar to what is showing up on yotube videos now whenever i use my phone. it seems ive overreacted.
    2010-07-15 06:10 AM
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    Apple is not putting the ads in the apps it is all up to the developers. Basically Apple said ok you can use admob or another service or you can use our ad service and get a better in-app ad than from other services. Just like other ad services though it will try and use location based information. Those other ads do this by using where the ip address is coming from. I highly doubt that apple would even dare to put them in a stock apps.

    The ads are going to be in appstore apps no matter what it is just now the developers have another choice of an ad company. So the ads you see now are always going to be there but they may change to iads style if the developer moves to apple's ad service; which the opt out you did is to not allow it to use your location and other data to target ads for you. So you will get more random ads that have nothing to do with what you like at all.
    2010-07-15 07:11 AM
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