1. s4boost's Avatar
    I have a feeling this will a big screw-up on FED EX(UP) side. Apple was trying to do every1 the favor and send these phones so it wouldn't be so congested on the 24th. FED EX thinks just because they have it a day ahead means they can delay the shipment because it was estimated for the 24...way to run a company
    i personally think apple should have been more prepared. with the servers down on preorder day, phone lines screwed all day, bestbuy selling white iPhone 4's, radioshack shafting everyone, and at&t saying go f yourself, now with this fedex stuff. I feel like apple higher ups should have been more clear with these other companies... that is very important for an efficient release of this magnitude. and ive called fedex twice :-)
    2010-06-23 08:56 PM
  2. realtimedeath's Avatar
    i dont know how true this is but on page 21 i think of this thread a guy says he spoke with someone he knows at fedx that says apple wanted all pre orders delivered today and they spilt some between ups and fedx to accomplish this..and then i saw the tracking delay warning on the fedx site..i felt a little more optimistic bout gettin a package today...
    2010-06-23 08:59 PM
  3. joe97's Avatar
    FedEx just updated online status to in transit- still scheduled to be delivered by 3 today--
    2010-06-23 09:01 PM
  4. devera.rich's Avatar
    i agree with S4 boost, the 1st place to start is with using another delivery service. This is the third product i have ordered from apple and this is the third issue i am having.

    All i know is Apple was not prepared for the large influx of consumers on the day for the pre-order, i mean how could you not know the thing would sell over 600,000 copies. All you have to look at the graphs and see that the iphone is cornering the market.
    2010-06-23 09:03 PM
  5. TypeRBass's Avatar
    Just got mine!
    And yeah fedex's site is way way behind on tracking info. Mine still stated a delivery for tomorrow before 4:30..said it was at the facility in chicago and not even out for delivery. So don't freak out everyone
    2010-06-23 09:04 PM
  6. devera.rich's Avatar
    Sorry TypeRBass i just expect these guys to mess up some ways....Congrats on getting the phone
    2010-06-23 09:08 PM
  7. realtimedeath's Avatar
    thats good news i guess cuz mine shows the 24th as well....ive got the dog on full alert for any movement outside........

    dont run off now that u got your phone typeR......lol
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    2010-06-23 09:14 PM
  8. hectordelgado's Avatar
    2010-06-23 09:16 PM
  9. devera.rich's Avatar
    i wish my apartment window was facing the front, i would have been in fed ex patrol all day
    2010-06-23 09:16 PM
  10. Chuck1969's Avatar
    Mine were just delivered...don't get off until 7 =(
    2010-06-23 09:17 PM
  11. iluvmine's Avatar
    Mine phone arrived today as planned!!!! Im so happy that I dont even want to open it yet! LOL, Also, best buy has nice cases for $20.99...only a limited amount!!

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    2010-06-23 09:19 PM
  12. sugebay's Avatar
    just got mine and activating it now - pleasant surprise. I really thought it wouldn't come until tomorrow.
    2010-06-23 09:22 PM
  13. realtimedeath's Avatar
    all these people who are saying they show tomorrow delivery date and are getting em now have cemented me to the house at least until 5-6
    2010-06-23 09:25 PM
  14. devera.rich's Avatar
    looks like the fed ex tracking updated....doesn't look good for me. the item reached the local hub that ships around my location. it reached here at 8am this morning....i don't think it would have made it onto the truck for delivery today =(
    2010-06-23 09:28 PM
  15. TranceField's Avatar
    Mine Fedex page finally updated, looks like it's been on the delivery truck since 7:38 AM, hah it's 2:30 PM now and the phone is still not here...
    2010-06-23 09:28 PM
  16. Carlosreef's Avatar
    Got mine an hour ago. Took a little bit to activate but it is now up and running!
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    2010-06-23 09:31 PM
  17. s4boost's Avatar
    thats good news i guess cuz mine shows the 24th as well....ive got the dog on full alert for any movement outside........

    dont run off now that u got your phone typeR......lol
    hahaha. poor fedex guy
    2010-06-23 09:31 PM
  18. remag49's Avatar
    att shipped my family's two 16 gbs
    but haven't shipped the 32 gbs yet!
    2010-06-23 09:32 PM
  19. devera.rich's Avatar
    Trancefield you will def get it by today at least it says its on the truck...def before 5pm
    2010-06-23 09:32 PM
  20. joe88's Avatar
    me and my friend got ours this morning even though fedex website said it was still in Indiana. the lady just rang the bell and left my iphone and my brothers ipad on the front door!

    i thought they needed to get a signature? good thing our neighborhood is very quiet but still a little scary to think they would leave it there
    2010-06-23 09:33 PM
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