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    2010-06-23 01:00 AM
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    Hey i have 3.1.2(7D11), IPT 2G but i already jailbroke with Spirit, is it still safe to restore anyway? Is this tool Untethered or Tethered, anyone know? I'd hate to go back to the tethered Days again.. : ^(
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    2010-06-23 01:02 AM
  3. nkgneto's Avatar
    are you on iOS4 go to help.BenM.at to see if you can get tethering to work.
    2010-06-23 01:05 AM
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    2010-06-23 01:07 AM
  5. treble26's Avatar
    awesome! im jailbreaking right now.
    2010-06-23 01:08 AM
  6. MJedi's Avatar
    So I have a 3GS (week 26, based on the serial number, so I should have the old bootrom, right?) with baseband 5.11.07 on 3.1.2 (jailbrokren with a custom 3.1.2 firmware using PwnageTool.)

    Can I jailbreak with PwnageTool 4.0 and unlock using Ultrasn0w?

    It's a bit confusing as to what bootrom, baseband and firmware can and cannot be jailbroken.

    2010-06-23 01:08 AM
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    test post
    2010-06-23 01:10 AM
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    guess i'll wait for a ra1ny day
    2010-06-23 01:11 AM
  9. okaybn's Avatar
    PwnageTool is not finding the 4.0 IPSW

    It just spins and spins and spins.

    I have tried downloading mult. copies of pwnagetool and 4.0 firmware.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    Any help would be great. Thanks guys
    2010-06-23 01:11 AM
  10. Messington's Avatar
    i think i'll wait for geohot's pwn4life
    2010-06-23 01:12 AM
  11. firstdominator's Avatar
    old bootrom with 3.1.3 jB with spirit ...????? would works?
    Iphone 3gs
    2010-06-23 01:12 AM
  12. King Shady's Avatar
    wow i have 3GS new bootrom... good thing i didnt upgrade =)
    2010-06-23 01:15 AM
  13. e1allen2's Avatar
    I ran the f)recast and it says my wk is 25, baseband 05.12.01, bootloader 6.4, and Model MC138.

    It says it is jailbreakable if SHSH is on file, but is not unlockable and Untether = Yes.

    It also reports that iPhone 3GS firmware 3.1.3 is connected.

    I have several SHSH's(3.0, 3.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3) stored at Cydia and have used Pwntools to jailbreak this iphone, except for the last and that was Spirit.

    So you said if the model # starts with MC, I have the new bootrom, but if the serial # has 25 as digit 5 and 6, then I have the old Bootrom.

    A bit confusing eh?

    Appreciate all the folks answering us n00bs questions.

    You folks R O C K ! ! !

    If your model # begins with "MC" then you have the new bootrom. If it is not "MC" then you have the old bootrom. Also, the 4th and 5th # in your serial is lower then 40 then you have an old bootrom.

    You have the new bootrom.
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    2010-06-23 01:15 AM
  14. androd25's Avatar
    It seems a lot of information is missing. I have a JB'd 3GS on 3.1.3, which I JB'd with Pwnage Tool. I'll be doing the upgrade as of right now, and I will let you guys know how it went.
    2010-06-23 01:16 AM
  15. delizaza23's Avatar
    ok but I have new bootrom so not any good.
    2010-06-23 01:18 AM
  16. ZOMGVTEK's Avatar
    I couldnt get PwnageTool to find the ISPW from the start, I had to make the custom ISPW on another, older computer.

    Now im getting a 1604 error when I try to restore using the modded ISPW, and it makes my phone stick in restore mode.

    I would stay away from a few days...
    2010-06-23 01:21 AM
  17. handana's Avatar
    Worked great and fast.

    Iphone 3GS, Was on 3.1.2 and now on 4.0
    2010-06-23 01:22 AM
  18. delizaza23's Avatar
    GEOHOT can you read this come on you know what I mean. fed up with useless stuff. old bootrom, and so much non use stuff ok maybe for a few but understand they are 1 year behind apple
    2010-06-23 01:23 AM
  19. one1's Avatar

    I did the old lady's 3gs to 4.0 fine it was already jailbroken.

    Mine was until last night when I decided to do 4.0 official and I cannot use the custom firmware since it is on official.

    WHAT FIRMWARE AND JAILBREAK was used for NON PWND phones to pwn them? Once I know that I can downgrade and get to work.
    2010-06-23 01:26 AM
  20. confucious's Avatar
    ^I'm sur he will do something about it just for you!
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2010-06-23 01:27 AM
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