1. Sb.Snickerz's Avatar
    But then again they share the same processor and the iphone has twice the ram. I believe the reason is that apple turned down the clock speed on the iphone 4 to save battery. While the ipad has such a huge battery and extra space inside that they clocked it much higher and its able to deal with the increased heat and power drain without issues.
    exactly... i dont think people are realizing that they did clock the 1ghz cpu on the iphone 4 down to 850 mhz to conserve battery life

    while the ipad probably has a much bigger battery and for the most part doesnt have a battery consuming task like phone calls, they kept the power of the cpu
    2010-06-24 09:27 PM
  2. robertr1's Avatar
    Don't worry I'm sure someone will eventually figure out a way to make the iphone 4 use all of it's available power that apple isn't letting it use...
    2010-06-24 10:30 PM
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