1. InDashMP3's Avatar
    I was glad they announched the bumper for the fact it will have a lay on the table design. I hate laying the phone glass first on a table. It needs to be raised and thats what the bumper will do.
    And that use case is just fine... People that are saying the bumpers are the "fix" for the reception issue are what my post was targetting..
    2010-06-24 04:59 AM
  2. brokentwice's Avatar
    There is no way that they will be able to get away with this ..

    This will also cripple and Slow the Sales of the phone immensely.

    I can only see a few things going on ..

    They Start to send out FREE bumber Cases for everyone that bought the phone .. or a Massive recall.

    Other then that .. I see ALOT of people returning the phones if this is the case..

    Iphone or not .. apple or not ... Best or not ..

    When I pay this much money for something that works like **** ...

    You bet im getting my money back and going else where..

    I hate to say it but this will really taint the image of apple if this is the case ...

    how on earth could this have been Over seen ?
    2010-06-24 04:59 AM
  3. beantown6171's Avatar
    its going to be crazy when everyone else gets there phone on thursday
    2010-06-24 04:59 AM
  4. mbeezy81's Avatar
    Yeah, I just went to Best Buy and grabbed a case to go over sides and back. Shouldn't have any issues with the case on.
    2010-06-24 05:01 AM
  5. dogdaysunrise's Avatar
    WOW.... Look, I am a technology geek, and typically I HAVE to have the latest technology. Being an early adopter almost always comes with certain risks.. I've had 1st gen PVRs, Phones, whatever..and accept that risk to a point.. I just happened to wait to buy an iPhone4 until the J/B community has successfully identified an exploit. I am very happy I waited. Reading above that the bumpers will solve the issue is what these manufacturers LOVE to hear..customers that are SOOOOO in love with their brand, that they will accept an alleged manufacturing flaw with some crap that you are NOT supposed to NEED for the PHONE to work??!! People, please.... If these issues are real (and the numerous reports seem to indicate this), do NOT accept the problem by saying a case will "fix" it, or I can simply HOLD the phone a different way.. that's rediculous.. Apple needs to address this. I will wait patiently on the sideline until the flaw is either debunked..or corrected.

    EDIT: OMG...and the person posted above me just said hopefull the case they ordered solves it... geeezz
    +1,000,000....best post here!
    2010-06-24 05:02 AM
  6. InDashMP3's Avatar

    I hate to say it but this will really taint the image of apple if this is the case ...

    how on earth could this have been Over seen ?
    Maybe if that drunk dude in the bar testing the phone didn't have that mule case on it, they would have figured it out!!!
    2010-06-24 05:02 AM
  7. mtylenda's Avatar
    i call bs i tried this in multiple times/ways with mine and in most cases the "bars of reception" actually increased.
    2010-06-24 05:02 AM
  8. therandy's Avatar
    Ok so I've tried and it is not a problem for me at all! No signal loss, with direct contact and with rubber case on! I'm good =)
    2010-06-24 05:02 AM
  9. law111's Avatar
    No one should HAVE TO buy a case(BUMPER) for their phone to work...
    iPhone Firmware - 4.1
    Service - AT&T
    Device - iPhone 4 BLACK 16GB
    2010-06-24 05:02 AM
  10. goodluck4287's Avatar
    I've been saying this happens to some degree with all phones for years. Set it on a table with speakerphone, any you'll have better reception… true for iPhone (1) and 3G
    2010-06-24 05:03 AM
  11. carlos916's Avatar
    dayymm just tried it and yup its tru..
    2010-06-24 05:03 AM
  12. RICO_'s Avatar
    Oh this is too funny. All the eager beavers jumping all over this phone and now the problems are coming out and it hasn't even been a full day yet. Granted problems are expected with new model devices, but u would think that if Apple spent so much time making the craftsmanship of this
    device so "perfect" as people would say maybe they could have spent a little more time on R&D makin sure all the functioning components would run as smooth as the design itself. Seems to me like this iPhone may have been rushed into development. And with hundreds of thousands more people picking up phones tomorrow, I just wonder how bad this situation with the reception, screen defects, and whatever else pops up is going to be.
    2010-06-24 05:03 AM
  13. DeadGlory's Avatar
    With Steve Jobs mentioning this innovative design during the WWDC, you would think the engineers and dev team would test the phone thoroughly... I mean cmon, we are just consumers learning these flaws almost instantly. Really Apple? cmon. Hold off on buying the bumpers... We might be getting them for free.
    2010-06-24 05:04 AM
  14. mbeezy81's Avatar
    The case will hold me over till they fix the issue
    2010-06-24 05:04 AM
  15. KartRacer's Avatar
    Let's all just hope that since it seems to be affecting quite a few people that the update, if it can be fixed software wise and I'm not insinuating that it can be, won't affect the jailbreaking efforts of the dev team. Maybe the quick and dirty update they might release is small and doesn't screw with being able to jailbreak the iPhone 4. Cause having a stock iPhone isn't fun right now.

    EDIT: Even though my phone does it without fail, I don't hold the phone that way when talking, surfing the web, or playing games. Doesn't really seem to affect what I do with the phone normally so this may turn out to be easily remedied and might not be all that big a deal. Hopefully my bumper thing I ordered will get here soon, working on airplanes with an unprotected phone isn't the best thing in the world.
    Last edited by KartRacer; 2010-06-24 at 05:08 AM.
    2010-06-24 05:05 AM
  16. Moosestache's Avatar
    i call bs i tried this in multiple times/ways with mine and in most cases the "bars of reception" actually increased.
    You win the moron of the day award.
    2010-06-24 05:07 AM
  17. xclusiveiphone's Avatar
    This is the end result of insufficient testing and hasting production. I'm predicting a mass recall from Apple soon, like Toyota.
    2010-06-24 05:08 AM
  18. 1PM@N!O's Avatar
    i think the bumpers or some other cases are the only solutions...
    2010-06-24 05:08 AM
  19. godsrainbow1984's Avatar
    this does not happen on mine..

    Roscoe my beautiful blue pittie puppy
    2010-06-24 05:08 AM
  20. Henry Russell's Avatar
    according to at&t this is just an issue with the presentation of the bars and it should quickly be fixed
    2010-06-24 05:09 AM
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