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  1. Rokesomesmeefer's Avatar
    I upgraded to MyWi 4.0, but am still on 3.1.3 with plans to upgrade to iOS 4.0 in a couple of days. Am I going to be able to download MyWi 4.0 for free when I am on iOS 4.0?
    When you install Rock on your upgraded iPhone and set it up with your Rock account, your licenses will transfer with it.
    2010-06-28 07:00 PM
  2. edge777's Avatar
    Yes - currently - MyWi 4.0 will install Rock for licensing reasons. We'll be putting an update without a Rock dependency in the future. MyWi 4.0 will be out shortly in both Cydia and Rock.
    Any timeframe on the no-Rock version? I can't wait to have MyWi back on my 4.0, but will never ever ever again put Rock on my iPhone (it's terribly buggy and messes up so many things), so will wait until then.
    2010-06-28 07:02 PM
  3. leletyM3's Avatar
    Can't wait to see the iPhone 4 JB!! Also hopefully ATT can't tell anything. Used with the 3.1 on the 3Gs and it has been fine!
    2010-06-28 07:03 PM
  4. silkshocker's Avatar
    don't hold your breath. Iphone 4G Jb will take awhile before it gets to the wild according to comex and Geohotz.
    2010-06-28 07:13 PM
  5. edge777's Avatar
    Raahbin: Not sure on the bluetooth - we are trying. Regarding price - we do greatly appreciate early adopters.

    I can tell you I personally have been working 15+ hour days for the last 2 weeks, not to mention months of work prior to this to get this new version working for iOS4. It's a complete redesign - faster, less battery, and of course some cool new features. The old MyWi design doesn't work at all on iOS4 which is why there's no "free" version upgrade of it. We had to redo it all from scratch.

    I hope you can appreciate the effort that has gone into make this app available. We hope you enjoy the app and features!
    I appreciate your effort, and love the app, but you haven't been putting in all the hours out of the goodness of your heart - it's a business and you'll make a killing for an amazing app. I will pay the $10 upgrade fee (probably...), if and only if a non-Rock version comes out. That being said, I do believe you missed the mark on the pricing structure for this one. $20 for the original and $10 for the upgrade is high. You would have probably made more in the long run by selling for less (I understand that not all app developers are really good at the business side of things - AirSync was a great example of that - really bad software, no customer service, bad pricing which he did lower, etc., etc.). I'd recommend asking some business savvy people.
    2010-06-28 07:14 PM
  6. hacktarded1's Avatar
    Does the screen need to be on while using this?
    I doubt it, it never used to be. I always had mine running and then hit the "sleep" button on my phone to conserve battery. Bet the new version is the same.
    2010-06-28 07:17 PM
  7. kys's Avatar
    I'm not sure why people say the upgrade fee is high. If you're using MyWi now, you already saved the $10 upgrade fee many times over.
    2010-06-28 07:17 PM
  8. ewa8949's Avatar
    ewa8949: Only adhoc is available. Use usb if possible
    Matt Dam0n: Yes - it works on iOS 4.0 and iOS 3.1+ (likely work on 3.0 but not tested)
    phytonix: It's not broken - it does and will continue to work on the OS you bought it on (3.x)

    All: Thanks for the support. It was a difficult decision on for us on cost - but as i mentioned earlier, a very large amount of effort went into this rewrite (much more than the original MyWi in fact). We're excited about the positive responses we're getting. We worked VERY hard to ensure MyWi 4.0 works close to 100% of the time (MyWi 3.x had issues for some users). We've improved battery life, added new features like controlling transmit power (we love this), and more. We hope you all enjoy!
    So Mywi works the same was on 4.0 as 3.0 where it creates an adhoc router? Is it not possible to create a wireless hotspot like what a linksys or belkin does when you plug it in? I don't really understand the difference in how these two technologies work. Because of the domain restrictions on my laptop I can't connect untethered? Ideally both my laptop and ipad could connect to mywi at the same time. Is this possible?
    2010-06-28 07:19 PM
  9. biskander's Avatar
    Can this work on the Ipad 3G. I searched everywhere and coudn't find a straight answer - just more people complaining.

    I have the 3G ipad and would like to buy an iphone 4 (unlock it, minituarize the sim card)and keep my t_mobile account. The phone will have to stay on edge but with this software maybe I can make better use of the iPads unlimited data plan?
    Thanks in advance for any answers or advice.
    2010-06-28 07:20 PM
  10. kokowawa's Avatar
    the pricing is simply wrong.
    At least update 3.x without extra features for free to work on iOS4.
    Greedy developer! I bought this app and only use it casually, total less than 10 times! And now I have to pay again! So wrong!
    Totally agree, why pay more? we already paid for the app, and we do pay for the internet usage.
    2010-06-28 07:21 PM
  11. mastuul's Avatar
    This is one of the iPhone's best features!
    2010-06-28 07:22 PM
  12. MMSiphone's Avatar
    I don't mind if the developer wants to charge $10 for an upgrade; since it's his product, he could charge as much as he wanted to upgrade (It's not like he owes the jailbreak "community" anything). However, I would warn him that from an economic perspective he should probably lower the price, I am far more likely to pirate the new one than pay the $10 upgrade, and I purchased the original 3.X version.
    iPhone 4 4.0 Jailbreakme
    iPad Wifi 3.2 jailbreakme
    2010-06-28 07:26 PM
  13. Ryz55's Avatar
    I just installed Mywi 4.0 but I keep getting "no data connection" error. Now I think my data service is fu**** because I can't even use safari anymore with 3g. I deleted Rock app and mywi but still not getting connection.....
    2010-06-28 07:26 PM
  14. madon's Avatar
    The you've saved x amount by using the app doesn't really apply to everyone who uses it, there's a lot more to the world than AT&T (My carrier makes no distinction in how I use my data for example, tethered or not as long as I stay within my usage cap) so the only difference for me would be WiFi vs no WiFi - no actual financial savings made at all.

    Just my thoughts.
    2010-06-28 07:26 PM
  15. kokowawa's Avatar
    So what happens when the next version of iOS comes out and breaks it again? Do you honestly expect upgrades for life for a $10 app? Because that is what you are leading up to.
    yes we expect upgrades for life, and it is not calculated this way. Yes the app costs $10 for you only, but there are a lot of people purchased this app and the Developer made his money and more to support it in the future.

    We all know Apple will keep upgrading its software, but it doesn't make sence we keep paying for each upgrade.

    I'm not asking to take something for free, but I'm asking to make the app that I already paid for work with the new software.
    2010-06-28 07:31 PM
  16. skibumstevo's Avatar
    This is everything I've been waiting for and more. a little pricy though.
    A little pricey??? Are you joking! AT&T wants $20 a MONTH for you to use this feature (on top of the required existing underlying date plan...). That's $240 a YEAR!

    I'd gladly pay $9.99 every 12-16 months for the latest MyWi release
    2010-06-28 07:36 PM
  17. nave3d's Avatar
    Damn.. i was just thinking today "man i was there was an app that had some kinda bridged mode.."
    no spam
    2010-06-28 07:36 PM
  18. vantheman169's Avatar
    blah blah blah i am so sick of people not understanding why people are not happy with the upgrade price. I am going to pay the 9.99 upgrade fee just because its a great app! But i still think its B.S, Apps that have been purchased should work with future iOS's released. Ok ya i understand that they upgraded some features and took one aways (bluetooth) but why not just make a MyWi app that worked just like on 3.x.x to work on 4.0. If people want the upgraded features like Wireless Range output and battery saving features...Then make them pay for an upgrade. Whats wrong with that. Then there is the Free upgrade for people that want to stay with the most current Jailbroken iOS with all the old features and still use there app that they paid for...instead of being forced into shelling out another 10 dollars for a 20 dollar app? I dont think that is un-reasonable.
    Last edited by vantheman169; 2010-06-28 at 07:42 PM.
    2010-06-28 07:39 PM
  19. skeels's Avatar
    All: MyWi 4.0 will support all the way through 4.x. If iOS5 is similar to iOS4 in specific API's, then there will be no upgrade fee (we can't guarantee anything on an OS that doesn't exist . Because of changes in iOS4 - we had to rewrite the entire app - we actually spent a few times more time on developing MyWi 4.0 then the previous version (and we slid some cool new features in too!

    M4TT Dam0n: No - the screen does not need to be on -- better turn it off and save the "juice"
    Biskander: Yes - works on iPad 3G

    Send iPhone System Log: Via any Intelliborn App -> Click Help / FAQs/ Support -> Scroll to bottom and click on red text at bottom.
    MyWi 4.0 - WiFi + USB Tethering on 3.x/4.x/5.x + Simple WiFi Router - Connect Laptops, Touches, + more!
    My3G - Facetime over 3G plus HiDef YouTube and more! Trick your iPhone into thinking it's on WiFi
    IntelliScreenX - iOS 5 Notification Center the way Apple wished it was.
    Tlert - View and Reply to SMS message within any app. Get rid of the ugly default alert messages!
    2010-06-28 07:40 PM
  20. adrian1480's Avatar
    Will buy.

    this app is more than worth the cost of admission for those who have devices that they want to tether wirelessly (iPad) or want to tether more than one device at a time (multiple laptops and iPads).

    considering $20 is more or less the lifetime costs of purchasing...especially for us old iPhone owners that will still have our unlimited plans...this is one of the easiest app purchases ever. even at $20. it's about value. and this app has a lot of value.
    2010-06-28 07:44 PM
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