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    MyWi, you know that little app that turns your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot with the tap of a button, has just received a major update. MyWi 4 is now on sale through Rock Your Phone and brings full support to iOS 4 and a host of new features and improvements.

    Here is the complete list straight from the devs at Intelliborn:

    MyWi 4 New Features and Improvements:
    ⁃ Faster performance
    ⁃ Lower battery consumption
    ⁃ Choose the In Use Indicator that you want:
    ⁃ - - Status bar icon (no battery use)
    ⁃ - - Blue pulsing bar (10% - 15% more battery)
    ⁃ Adjust the transmit power (Between 30% and 100%)
    ⁃ See who is connected to your hotspot (IP addresses)
    ⁃ Choose from a list of subnets to dish out over DHCP
    ⁃ Battery consumption meter
    ⁃ USB Bridge mode. (Connect your laptop over USB to the phones 3G or WiFi connection!)

    Original Features:
    ⁃ Create a WiFi Hotspot to connect multiple laptops or mobile devices to share your iPhone's internet connection
    ⁃ 40 bit and 104 bit WEP Security to prevent others from accessing your WiFi HotSpot
    ⁃ Ability to enable USB Tethering on your iPhone
    ⁃ Broadcasts the Network Name (SSID) - no need to fuss with creating an adhoc network on your laptop
    ⁃ Shows up and down bandwidth usage

    A couple of the new features in particular will be incredibly useful. You know all those WiFi hotspots we get to use for free from our iPhone/iPad 3G but not from our laptops? Well now when you are at your favorite Fast Food eatery or area Airport you can bridge your laptop to your phone over USB cable and voila WiFi on your laptop. Or how about at a hotel that only let's one MAC address on the in room WiFi? Signup from your phone instead of your laptop and then let all your devices have at it!

    My other favorite is the battery consumption (lower than ever ) and the battery meter. Choose the status bar icon over the annoying blue bars and watch in real time your battery drain level. Lower the transmit power to conserve battery. Plug your phone in to power during those large downloads or extended use periods and see confirmation that your battery charge is on the rise.

    MyWi 4 is available through now. All these new features and iOS 4 support come at a nominal price. $19.99 for new licenses and $9.99 to upgrade for any previous MyWi 3.x owners.
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    2010-06-28 03:10 PM
  2. ipodboy61's Avatar
    This is everything I've been waiting for and more. a little pricy though.
    2010-06-28 03:13 PM
  3. Brian.Bustos's Avatar
    Do I need to download Rock to update to MyWi 4.0?
    2010-06-28 03:16 PM
  4. Eagleye's Avatar
    This is freakin AWESOME. Just last week I was in Mexico and they only allowed one MAC address for their wifi. I tried desperately to figure out a way to bridge my iphone to my MacBook Pro with no luck. This update is well recieved.
    2010-06-28 03:22 PM
  5. skeels's Avatar
    Yes - currently - MyWi 4.0 will install Rock for licensing reasons. We'll be putting an update without a Rock dependency in the future. MyWi 4.0 will be out shortly in both Cydia and Rock.
    Send iPhone System Log: Via any Intelliborn App -> Click Help / FAQs/ Support -> Scroll to bottom and click on red text at bottom.
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    My3G - Facetime over 3G plus HiDef YouTube and more! Trick your iPhone into thinking it's on WiFi
    IntelliScreenX - iOS 5 Notification Center the way Apple wished it was.
    Tlert - View and Reply to SMS message within any app. Get rid of the ugly default alert messages!
    2010-06-28 03:23 PM
  6. zphone's Avatar
    Cant wait for the iPhone 4 JB!!
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    2010-06-28 03:24 PM
  7. Channan's Avatar
    When is the jailbreak coming out for the 4? :'(
    Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

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    2010-06-28 03:26 PM
  8. EddieLeonard's Avatar
    i cant wait till i get my iphone 4 and then jailbreak it
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    2010-06-28 03:30 PM
  9. ipod touch u's Avatar
    This is amazing, I can't wait for the jailbreak!
    2010-06-28 03:30 PM
  10. SirDude's Avatar
    ohhh I want the G4 to have its JB this is what I need right now :'(
    Ohh well teasing is fun I guess
    2010-06-28 03:31 PM
  11. eortizr's Avatar
    so, i bought this app like a month ago, now I will have to pay $9.99 to be able to use it on iOS4? WTF... now wonder why people hack this app... I'll wait for the hack on this one... I don't mind for the upgrades I just needed to worked on iOS4
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    2010-06-28 03:34 PM
  12. brittcritt's Avatar
    I do not see the new MYWI 4.0 in Rock. Was it removed?
    2010-06-28 03:35 PM
  13. StealthBravo's Avatar
    so, if you already bought this app (v. 3.x) and now you have iOS4 installed you will have to pay $9.99 to be able to use it on iOS4?
    Yes to upgrade your license to the new 4.0 version
    2010-06-28 03:36 PM
  14. eortizr's Avatar
    This is amazing, I can't wait for the jailbreak!
    amazingly pricy
    2010-06-28 03:40 PM
  15. vantheman169's Avatar
    Yes to upgrade your license to the new 4.0 version
    what a bunch of crap!
    2010-06-28 03:41 PM
  16. Jawcl's Avatar
    Wow this is awesome
    2010-06-28 03:41 PM
  17. TheOrioles33's Avatar
    For people compaining about the price, its a lot cheaper than the tethering plan so SHUT IT OFF!!!
    MacBook Pro i7
    Dell XPS
    2010-06-28 03:41 PM
  18. Amraam's Avatar
    Wow that's a little steep? The upgrade costs more than the original price?

    Looking good, I might still be tempted. Although having said that, with most contracts only offering 500MB-1GB mobile data, it might be a bad idea to tether
    2010-06-28 03:41 PM
  19. moudy's Avatar
    that's amazing guys!
    ganna update NOW!
    You don't have to say it, Just click "Thanks".
    2010-06-28 03:42 PM
  20. Wolftamer's Avatar
    Love MiWi...but I have to echo the voices on the upgrade pricing being a little high. Ya, I'll probably break down some day and pay it...but it's high enough to make me wait till I need it again. I think a $5 upgrade, I wouldn't haven't paused at all. But $10 for an upgrade to use something I already own...bad call.
    2010-06-28 03:42 PM
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