1. Os7.1.0's Avatar
    Gr8 news i ,ll make sure me and my friends donate for them happy jailbreaking!!!
    2010-07-06 05:20 PM
  2. LastSonOfKrypton's Avatar
    How soon will this be getting released? I have a 3GS on IOS4 that badly needs to be jailbreaked and unlocked.
    No one knows. Depends on what exploit it uses. If it's something that can be patched then most likely not till after Apple releases the next firmware update to fix the bars.
    2010-07-06 05:21 PM
  3. Varmit's Avatar
    Sounds awesome!

    Will also be donating!

    I hope they won't wait, I haven't noticed any real issues that would make me worry about updating anyway. I really hope they don't wait.
    I hope they do, Because if they release before Apple does, then Apple has the chance to close that hole up. If Apple doesnt know about the exploit to JB, then when the FIX does come out for 4.01, can use the same exploit to Jailbreak. So DEV's hold it till the Apple release.

    Of course just my opinion.
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    2010-07-06 05:28 PM
  4. thekid05's Avatar
    I still predict the jailbreak will be held until Apple releases their firmware update for the signal issue.
    Yep thats why hes holding off the release of the new spirit jb, plus who knows what these manditory updates will do to jailbroken devices...
    2010-07-06 05:30 PM
  5. olivo42's Avatar

    PD. I didn't save SHSH
    2010-07-06 05:31 PM
  6. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    2010-07-06 05:34 PM
  7. sh33436's Avatar
    That awsome news!!!! Can't wait.
    2010-07-06 05:39 PM
  8. ninthchamber99's Avatar

    PD. I didn't save SHSH
    Simple answer: No, new bootrom 3GS' can not be JBroken yet.

    Well, since I was patient back when the 3G/3GS' were released (I skipped the 3G and got the 3GS instead and when 3.1.2 was updated to 3.1.3 I did not update my phone (I have been on 3.1.2 JBroken for a LONG TIME) I was able to update to iOS 4 and JBreak it all this past weekend (I have an OLD bootrom of course). Now with this news I am debating getting a i4 now or waiting a while longer. Decisions, decisions!!
    "Once is an accident, Twice is a trend, Three times is evidence."
    2010-07-06 05:46 PM
  9. g12007's Avatar
    Good news. Can't wait
    2010-07-06 05:46 PM
  10. inzandity's Avatar
    Ugh, I don't know about anybody else but I hate these speculation posts. Where "very soon" can be interprited as within a couple hours or weeks. We know they are working hard on the next jailbreak...these posts just get everybody giddy and then you get the random high jacked questions like "Will this JB my iPhone 4?" Of course I am excited and can't wait to unleash the beast though
    Is my girlfriend the only one that gets mad at me because I spend too much time with my iPhone?
    2010-07-06 05:50 PM
  11. thecrunked's Avatar
    hooray for the dev's

    i hope apple hurries up with their stupid patch so i can haz my jailbreaks
    2010-07-06 05:54 PM
  12. strangiato's Avatar
    Thank guys! I'll make sure to donate when this is ready. You totally deserve our support for your great work.
    2010-07-06 05:58 PM
  13. ecd5000's Avatar
    why everyone is saying they should release it now is beyond me. It would be stupid for the devs to release it now with 4.0.1 coming soon and its stupid on your part for even asking such a thing. Since you had to update your 3gs or buy the iphone4 now you have to do something you couldnt before.. WAIT
    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.
    2010-07-06 06:00 PM
  14. carolinamic's Avatar
    No update is manditory, and if the only thing the update fixes is the bar issue then it's totally a waste of time for me bc I already fixed that with my $15 case. Please Release the Beast already. I will be donating also.
    2010-07-06 06:16 PM
  15. lj22s's Avatar
    These guys have been working very hard to say the least. We should all donate now to show our appreciation. At least we know its comming.
    2010-07-06 06:17 PM
  16. Beej2211's Avatar
    I still predict the jailbreak will be held until Apple releases their firmware update for the signal issue.
    Agreed. For some it'll be a tough choice between an jailbreak and a phone with signal, it an easy one for me. JB FTW!
    2010-07-06 06:17 PM
  17. monchy36's Avatar
    I still predict the jailbreak will be held until Apple releases their firmware update for the signal issue.
    There's any info when this update is coming?
    2010-07-06 06:22 PM
  18. oakland6980's Avatar
    Donated yesterday so they have an incentive wile they are hard at work.
    Who did u donate to as the dev team doesn't take donations? Comex?
    2010-07-06 06:28 PM
  19. hacktarded1's Avatar
    I think apple knows they'll wait for an update so apple will stall and it'll be a waiting game. Ah what do I know. Anyways, donated now too and can't wait for the i4 jb!
    Exactly what I was thinking. I hope they don't plan to wait to release it as Apple will just keep stalling their firmware update (which is a joke anyway and I have NO intention of updating to it so I see LESS bars as a signal, wtf?!?).

    I say release it ASAP and reep the rewards of all your hard work and then just do it again when necessary and accept MORE donations from the saps that will need it then.

    My $$ is waiting on you as soon as it's released. Nice work guys either way, most of us would be completely lost without all your efforts.
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    2010-07-06 06:30 PM
  20. sziklassy's Avatar
    I think people may be getting the wrong idea with the "signal fix" patch. I think we are getting no signal when there should still be a signal, but the software is telling the phone there is no signal and therefore not holding a connection. If that is the case, this signal fix could be a very significant one. I wouldn't write this off as a hardware issue until after we see a patch and continue to get the same reception issues. If we do, you can bet Apple will have some more explaining to do.
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    2010-07-06 06:39 PM
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