1. x2dope's Avatar
    Whoever said their droid does this from the factory...I've heard your front cam chat only works on 4g? Don't know how true it is but either way fring help join the droid and iPhone community which is what needs to happen
    2010-07-09 05:30 AM
  2. ro0oney's Avatar
    so this only works if u upgraded ur iphone to IOS 4.0? wut if u have an iphone 3gs? will it still work?
    2010-07-09 05:31 AM
  3. NumbaOneI's Avatar
    Thanks bro
    2010-07-09 05:32 AM
  4. monchy36's Avatar
    got it register with no problem going to get family and friend involved to see how's going to change video calling everything! nice release time will make it better! (Skype!)
    2010-07-09 05:40 AM
  5. tudtran's Avatar
    Does anybody wanna do a FaceTime call with me? I haven't try it yet.
    2010-07-09 05:47 AM
  6. chrisrotolo's Avatar
    call 1-888-fac-etim weekdays 8am-8pm i think
    Something Hidden in iPhone 4---Steve Jobs twitter
    2010-07-09 06:08 AM
  7. neodude237's Avatar
    Just did iPhone 4 to skype with a friend on the computer, it was pretty awesome.
    2010-07-09 06:09 AM
  8. wvcachi's Avatar
    Just did iPhone 4 to skype with a friend on the computer, it was pretty awesome.
    Yeah I agree it's pretty sweet. Their prep for their servers tonight was a huge fail, which is too bad, cause I think it's a great update.
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    2010-07-09 06:15 AM
  9. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
    I signup and added my gf which has a iPhone 4 and it doesn't have video option only normal call option ?
    2010-07-09 06:33 AM
  10. SoCal Railroader's Avatar
    Whoa! Something the Evo does from the factory!
    Whoa! Not everybody wants or can get Sprint (they don't serve my area, Mendocino County in NW CA)
    2010-07-09 06:44 AM
  11. capttanhowdy's Avatar
    Mine just keeps crashing on 3GS and iPhone 4
    2010-07-09 07:04 AM
  12. rhekt's Avatar
    Wow. Couldn't understand a word the receiving callers were saying. Good start. But not FaceTime yet. Hopefully the tech gets better.
    2010-07-09 07:31 AM
  13. Chris3k2's Avatar
    It went right trough when I registered. Already put several of my friends on it. It's a nice start but no FaceTime for sure. Can't wait wait to see what they have to offer a couple more updates.
    2010-07-09 07:34 AM
  14. DJM AutoWerkz's Avatar
    How do you do video calling on this i setup mine already but only get normal calls no video option.
    2010-07-09 07:49 AM
  15. projectdwnshft's Avatar
    lol i was just trying to make a fring account cause i got this a few days ago and never fooled with it, i was wondering why it took so long to make an account, and now i cant even login
    2010-07-09 08:30 AM
  16. sinister's Avatar
    good job..... but i wouldnt trust that guy in a inclosed room with a gun.... seems like a loonie )
    Acer 5050
    250 gb harddrive
    2.5 gb of ram
    Mac os 10.5.2

    2010-07-09 08:43 AM
  17. nomad707's Avatar
    Whoa! Not everybody wants or can get Sprint (they don't serve my area, Mendocino County in NW CA)
    who wants Sprint??? NOT HUMBOLDT CO. ETHER!!!

    I tried it out iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over 3G and i was disappointed in the quality, even though i did reserve any expectation of a high quality session. I use FaceTime over wifi everyday and though sometimes it freezes it very functional. This however still needs to come a long way. I am wondering if video chat over 3G is even worth the effort. I think the network is going to need improvement before it reaches what we're all looking for. But hey any progress is cool with me! I'm looking forward to see what the Skype app will offer as far as quality with their update in the future, cant believe Fring beat them to the punch.
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    2010-07-09 09:16 AM
  18. mj0528's Avatar
    Looks like I beat your story by an hour. I guess you found my secret ,gizmodo. They are really up on the news, huh?


    Check out member news under the subject "Fring?"
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    2010-07-09 09:34 AM
  19. dellandc's Avatar
    will there ever be a way to get the iphone 3g camera working?
    2010-07-09 09:37 AM
  20. blindfreek's Avatar
    i want my 4 pretzels, now!

    pick your feet up when u walk, fring guy, soooo annoying, lol
    2010-07-09 01:46 PM
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