1. Michael Essany's Avatar

    Here's a welcome chunk of positive news to start the week.

    Jailbreakers get ready. MuscleNerd says his solution to iPhone 4 unlock is almost complete. Early today on Twitter, MuscleNerd tweeted the following: "@davidamodt It means the "next step" demoed in Twitter / MuscleNerd: Next step is to keep the t ... has been reached, so now there's just 1 final step " The next step alluded to dates back to July 6: “Next step is to keep the task backgrounded like we did for 3G/3GS … Backgrounded task is the unlock.”

    As the likes of MuscleNerd and GeoHot continue working toward the final phase of the iPhone 4 jailbreak, the biggest question isn't if the jailbreak will be released but when. Unfortunately, it isn't yet clear if Apple will release its promised update before or after the jailbreak is made public. While a case could be made for either a pre or post jailbreak release of iOS 4.0.1, it doesn't necessarily appear at the moment that Apple and the modding community are still plotting their respective releases in conjunction with one another.

    At this point, at least from Apple's perspective, it doesn't seem logical to delay the release of iOS 4.0.1 in hopes of preemptively patching any jailbreaking exploits. As the critics of iPhone 4's "death grip" mount (including a withdrawal of support from Consumer Reports), for once it seems that the jailbreaking community may not be on the most immediate radar of concerns for Cupertino. Indeed, these days Apple has much bigger problems than unlocked handsets.

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    2010-07-12 08:24 PM
  2. T4R06's Avatar
    you da MAN!
    2010-07-12 08:27 PM
  3. consultant's Avatar
    Grrr didn't I submit this awhile ago?
    2010-07-12 08:28 PM
  4. JLHardesty's Avatar
    Great news... I am so ready to have my jailbreak back.
    2010-07-12 08:29 PM
  5. soul65's Avatar
    Yay the promise land is in rwach
    2010-07-12 08:30 PM
  6. tamaysz's Avatar
    Glad to hear that more progress is being made.
    Please hit the Thanks Button if I've helped you out or if you agree with my post.
    2010-07-12 08:30 PM
  7. jcasas392's Avatar
    This is great news!!! These guys are truly amazing.
    2010-07-12 08:30 PM
  8. Gom33's Avatar
    Yup! Seen this on his twitter last night. Can't wait to get my phone jailbroken
    2010-07-12 08:30 PM
  9. Broomhead's Avatar
    Great news. Thanks for all your hard work
    2010-07-12 08:31 PM
  10. fbjones's Avatar
    iphone 4 jailbreak would be nice good job devs
    2010-07-12 08:36 PM
  11. dbizzy1's Avatar
    Go MuscleNerd go! Lol. Man I can't wait to let this iPhone show it's full potential.
    2010-07-12 08:40 PM
  12. delusion950's Avatar
    now we gotta hear positive news from whainer geohitz. or maybe not. as for dev-team you guys rock

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    2010-07-12 08:42 PM
  13. mectech's Avatar
    You may never know, maybe a Jailbroken iPhone will help apple find a solution.
    2010-07-12 08:43 PM
  14. ipod touch u's Avatar
    Can't wait
    2010-07-12 08:43 PM
  15. MIKE DUB's Avatar
    Lol @ geoshitz
    2010-07-12 08:46 PM
  16. maddawg05's Avatar
    Can't wait...once it's released I'll def have no life and will finally get the operation I've always wanted...to have my iPhone surgically implanted. Lol!!
    2010-07-12 08:46 PM
  17. texan's Avatar
    Tears of happiness running down my face as I read this article! Lol
    2010-07-12 08:46 PM
  18. whereswaldo's Avatar
    I love MuscleNerd
    2010-07-12 08:48 PM
  19. sobeniceguy2's Avatar
    Many Thanks for the hard work and time put into this project.
    I am the Vincent (Vital Information Necessary Centralized) iPhone.

    When I am moody I am the Hal iPhone 9000 lol
    2010-07-12 08:49 PM
  20. turdsmoka's Avatar
    I would like to see a jailbreak.
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    2010-07-12 08:54 PM
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