1. mohitd2000's Avatar
    I'm on Windows 7 and I would love to have an edition of DragonFireSDK!
    2010-07-15 12:31 PM
  2. vicsiphone's Avatar
    is something that I have been wondering about and waiting for...I am very interested...thx
    2010-07-15 12:36 PM
  3. reanimationxp's Avatar
    Been looking for a simulator for windows for ages! Would love a copy of this! Good luck all
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    2010-07-15 12:43 PM
  4. omarnaji2003's Avatar
    I'm a computer engineering student (second year), and on a tight budget. It would be great if I can work on this software so I can start experimenting with the iphone SDK, and maybe even join the development community. This is also great because I don't have to learn Objective C, I can just use C++.

    I would really love it if I can get my hands on one of these serials
    2010-07-15 12:48 PM
  5. evera's Avatar
    i need this
    2010-07-15 01:01 PM
  6. WMarc's Avatar
    So great! DragonFireSDK looks terrible!

    I would love to use this SDK! Thanks!
    2010-07-15 01:08 PM
  7. hoooodini's Avatar
    I program in C++, use Windows, and would love a copy.
    2010-07-15 01:12 PM
  8. paddypj's Avatar
    im in high school and my grades have been slipping,my parents said,what do you want to do with your life and i said a developer. she told me i should work towards it. i have a pc and you cant make iphone apps on one so i need to save up for a mac ($2000 in australia)and im only a kid. if i could get access to this it would help me heaps.

    thank you modmyi
    2010-07-15 01:12 PM
  9. BlackHoleSlam1994's Avatar
    I really want to try programming with this i never was able to because i haven't had a mac but i am waiting for the jailbreak and this will work nice
    2010-07-15 01:34 PM
  10. nerddownthestreet's Avatar
    Count me in! I've been trying to figure out how to build my toolchain 4.0 on Linux but I couldn't figure it out. This is a great alternative, since I also have windows installed!
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    2010-07-15 01:38 PM
  11. foundforgood89's Avatar
    would love this one :-) cant wait to finally code on windows
    2010-07-15 01:39 PM
  12. XenoSaber's Avatar
    Absolutely I'm in. With a baby due in October I just can't justify the cost of getting a mac. Unless, of course, I sell a lot of apps!!!
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    ---Armblast, GOTT Auditor and ES Member
    2010-07-15 02:00 PM
  13. whereswaldo's Avatar
    I program, and I'm on Windows, I'll take a copy
    Name? whereswaldo
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    Found yet? No
    2010-07-15 02:10 PM
  14. TutenStain's Avatar
    Im in for the serial drawing. Thanks.
    2010-07-15 02:22 PM
  15. CoasterFuelPhil's Avatar
    I want! Spent all my money on iphones and now have no money for a mac lol
    2010-07-15 02:36 PM
  16. wil32's Avatar
    if only i could get rid of my mac mini, i Would LUV to devellop under Windows, it would need that Mac anyamore
    2010-07-15 02:36 PM
  17. LittleJob's Avatar
    I too would like a try. Ive been messing around with the SDK on my mac for a while for the iPhone.

    This windows version is revolutionary. I would be honored to use it and submit apps.

    Modymyi App anyone? lol

    2010-07-15 02:36 PM
  18. iAgent's Avatar
    I don't own a mac so this would help me tremendously! I would really appreciate a serial.
    2010-07-15 02:40 PM
  19. mmurphmsu's Avatar
    That would be awesome to have. Put me down in the drawing please.
    Please hit "Thanks!" if I helped you.
    2010-07-15 02:45 PM
  20. Thenextkiller's Avatar
    I would very much like one.
    Am firin ma lasah
    2010-07-15 02:49 PM
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